Data infrastructure plays a vital role in the performance of big data management initiatives of organizations. The traditional IT environments are neither designed nor capacitated to meet the volume, velocity and variety challenges posed by big data. The need for the new age IT environment for managing big data is to be quick, efficient and robust to store, manage and analyse data. However, while embarking upon the right IT environment or infrastructure, organizations also need to be cognizant of the challenge of cost optimization.

Atom Big data Infrastructure services help you overcome these challenges. Through a comprehensive set of services across advisory and Consultancy, transformation and managed services, we enable organizations identify and implement the right data infrastructure that meets their big data needs. Our capacity planning and performance tuning services not only enable you identify the right big data infrastructure specifications, but also ensure that along with giving you the right processing power, your cost optimization needs are also met. Our transformation services enable you to create and configure big data platforms, perform platform migration and carry out Proof of Concepts (POCs) and Proof of Technology (POTs) with specific tools. And lastly, our managed services help you monitor your systems, address backup and disaster recovery areas and handle version upgrades and patch management.

We further help you develop and implement distributed or clustered network environments that are compatible with your existing IT environment. Our initiatives extend across the key stages of data infrastructure right from deployment and configuration to monitoring, diagnostics and reporting. Our expertise ranges across a multitude of technology areas some of which include Installation and Configuration of Hadoop clusters, Application Migration on Hadoop and disaster recovery. Together, they provide you the required firepower to transform your Big data initiatives.