Clinical Data

Bring new therapies to market faster with a solution that uses data to accelerate decision-making.

Turn data into decision and bring therapies to market faster.

The coronavirus pandemic has companies rethinking how they conduct and manage clinical trials. The ATOM's Clinical Data Insights platform transforms clinical trial management by providing real-time analytics and insight based on a trial’s greatest asset—its patient and operational data. ATOM's Clinical Data Insights is an on-demand performance management solution that eliminates data silos. Using AI and advanced analytics, it assesses risk, exposes hidden trends and makes clinical data actionable. Best of all, we help you achieve better, faster trial outcomes—and recognize revenue earlier. Learn more about our Life Sciences solutions for your business.

Agile drug development needed in a new age of urgency

At a time of global pandemics, it’s time to rethink the current approach to drug development, clinical trials and regulatory approvals.