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Healthcare reforms and technological advances are converging and together they’re driving demand for a new generation of innovative medical devices. ACS helps top companies meet that demand. Our integrated portfolio of solutions improves product development and manufacturing processes, and helps to meet the demands of a stringent regulatory environment.

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Total Quality Management Solution for Improving Patient Care

The Challenge

A global designer and manufacturer of sophisticated medical devices needed a system to better manage its business process for addressing adverse events. It also needed to comply with a requirement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Corrective and Preventive Actions and to control product quality. The company asked Atom Consultancy Services to lead its new quality management initiative.

Our Approach

After analyzing the company’s risky approach to data management using multiple applications, ATOM Digital Business proposed a strong, centralized analytical platform that would decrease operation risks and production downtime. Using PTC’s Thing Worx Navigate and Windchill platforms, we developed a single data management system with a centralized governance program, providing a single source for verifiable data. This system enables data validation, monitors data ownership, creates audit trails, addresses adverse events quickly, tracks key performance indicators and manages user access privileges.

The system also provides access to data and reports on quality events. Users select the type of report required, and the system displays key information graphically as well as drill-downs on any data points for detailed analysis.

Digital Can Improve Patient Care System Quality, Efficiency and Profitability

The client now runs a single decision-support and analytics system, reducing its reliance on point-solutions and paper-based processes. ATOM’s rethinking of the way digital can be leveraged to better manage information is a model for how a digital enterprise can impact operations in a favorable way.

The Challenge

During a crisis, acting quickly makes all the difference. Just as COVID-19 became a pandemic, healthcare technology company Sensyne Health quickly jumped in to help. Its objective was to help people track their symptoms to assess their COVID-19 risk, share the required information with doctors to expedite decision-making in critical situations and avoid unnecessary hospital trips that could increase their health risk. Sensyne envisioned an app for the community that is both easy to use and accessible across devices to maximize use, especially among people with poor technology literacy or no access to the internet. Because the solution would contain sensitive healthcare data, it also needed to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and feature advanced security. Sensyne approached Cognizant to create the digital symptom tracker app.

Our Approach

ACS proposed an app based on the Microsoft Healthcare Bot service, integrated with not only Microsoft Azure-based authentication and database services but also Microsoft Healthcare Bot verification. Building the app within a low-code/no-code environment and leveraging our close partnership with Microsoft helped speed development. The application development team applied tried-and-tested best practices for agile development and conducted separate virtual meetings with Sensyne staff and technical teams to enable around-the-clock development. We used Microsoft Teams to communicate with critical stakeholders.

As speed was key to the engagement, we accelerated delivery at every stage. In five days the team had a working prototype to take into production. By day 10 the app was completed, and by day 16 we had launched the app. The global team delivered a mobile-first, GDPR- and security-compliant COVID-19 health monitor with Microsoft Power BI reporting in place.

The Challenge

A major orthopedic medical device manufacturer faced slowing revenue collections from healthcare payers. A lack of systems and process integration also made it difficult to identify or address root causes for the rising percentage of pended claims. Adding to its costs and collections woes, the manufacturer’s field sales representatives were not gathering insurance eligibility information before distributing products. The company needed to improve collections while reducing costs. It collaborated with ATOM’s life sciences technology experts for our front-to-back office expertise and our experience in medical device revenue cycle management.

Our Approach

In the back office, we redesigned the client’s billing and collection processes for faster and higher revenue realization. This included taking over insurance preauthorization verification and implementing proactive appeals. In the front office, Cognizant helped field sales representatives to confirm patient benefits eligibility before they release product, which improved collection rates.

We also developed a descriptive analytics dashboard to improve payer management, using historical data to score payers based on risk of denial or underpayment. Collaborating with the client, we integrated explanation of benefits data from payer websites for quick resolution of unapplied cash.

Front-to Back-Office Revenue Cycle Automation Improves Collections, Reduces Costs

The reengineered solution has helped the manufacturer save $1.18 million in operating costs, while increasing net revenue by $8.82 million. Days sales outstanding (DSO) decreased by half, from 72 days to 36 days. Results also included a reimbursement rate increase from 82% to 91% and a 12% increase in productivity.