Domain Solutions & Use Cases (Telco)

Telecom operators who can ingest and explore massive unstructured data have a lot to gain. This would enable them to rapidly introduce new capabilities such as location-based services, intelligent marketing campaigns, next best actions for sales and service, social media insights, network intelligence and fraud detection to significantly reduce cost and increase revenues.

Solutions we Offers

Customer Experience Analytics

Increased investments and critical focus on network operations are being driven by ever increasing data traffic.

With ever increasing data traffic, shift to IP telephony technologies, 3G and LTE are driving increased investments and critical focus on network operations. State-of-the-art network infrastructure, highly reliable connectivity, high network quality and quicker provisioning & activation becomes ‘hygiene factors’ for telecom service providers to operate.

  • Need for near real time reports to resolve issues and predict & prevent fault
  • Need proactive measures to monitor usage, identify issues and introduce preventive actions
  • Need to predict traffic and have scalable capacity to cater to additional volume growth
  • Need historic performance reports, trends and correlations offering deep-dive RCAs for frequent issues
  • Quality of Experience Scorecard (QES) to measure network centric customer experience, based on network performance
  • Measure of Accessibility, Retainability and Mobility at various levels (regional/subscriber/cell site)
  • Ability to perform Customer segmentation & targeting based on usage trends
  • Reports on application and service usage metrics, internet traffic, roamers per region, etc.
  • Analysis of the selected KPIs with trends and drill down reports for each KPI
  • Reporting of SLA compliance at near real time

Atom’s Network Analytics Framework (TNAF)

  • Single view of Customer – Customer Experience measurement reports across services
  • Drill –down of per subscriber view of multiple services
  • Real-time identification of problems through proactive predictions and actions in real-time
  • Proactive intimations to customers on outages and expected Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Personalized catalogs and personalized services (based on segmentation)
  • Accessibility: 3G Attach Success Rate and 3G PDP Activation Success Ratio
  • Retainability: PDP Context Deactivation Success rate and GPRS Detach Procedure Success Rate
  • Mobility: Inter SGSN RAU Success rate and Intra SGSN RAU Success Rate
  • Subscriber metrics – per application, per services, etc.