Atom’s Culture

With 10,000+ Associates spread across 10 countries, we have a diverse workforce that connects, collaborates and celebrates together. The culture at Atom’s is driven by the Atom’s group’s RISE philosophy and its 3 strong tenets that co-exist namely – Accepting No Limits, Alternative Thinking and Driving Positive Change. We encourage Associates to celebrate the essence of life along with work and strongly believe in providing a good work – life balance. We believe that our ‘Associates’ are the most valuable assets and understand that to create, grow and sustain a world-class organization; people are the key driving force and their energy and passion fuels the organization’s growth story.

Atom’s promotes an open feedback culture and empowers Associates to act as agents of change in their own domains. The organization believes in giving back to the society and motivates Associates to regularly engage in volunteer services.

Campus Facility

Atom’s has presence in 10 countries and our world class offices meet dynamic business needs and are equipped with state of the art amenities. Facilities like learning centres, auditoriums, Customer Experience Centre, Broadcasting Studio, VIP Lounge, Crèche, Medical Centres, Libraries, Health club, Adventure Zone, Gymnasiums, Swimming Pools, etc. form an integral part of the Atom’s ecosystem.

Learning Practices

Continuous learning is an integral part of an Associate’s journey and is one of the key differentiators that complement personal growth. A culture of continuous learning has been meticulously created and nurtured over the years. Some of the key focus areas include:

–   Foundational education, mentorship and experiences through meaningful rotation, making
ATom’s a great company to start a career

–   Specialized education, mentorship and experiences through meaningful rotation
facilitating career enhancement and specialization

–   Learning opportunities, coaching and environment to practice; Rotations to build leadership,
allowing for preparing entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow for Business, Delivery Solutions,
Domains and Technology.

–   Robust competency identification and development process, where learning partners with the
Business units on competency development to:

  •     Build global business leaders
  •     Build new age program and project managers
  •     Build a CEO/innovative mindset
  •     Develop a culture of empowerment, collaboration, appreciation and trust

Overall, learning at Atom’s happens at all levels with customized focus and a variety of methodologies to fulfil different objectives.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Atom’s believes that a diverse and socially inclusive workforce is key to building a high performance culture. The company recognizes the intrinsic value of a diverse and inclusive workforce and provides equal opportunities to all individuals. At Atom’s and within the Atom’s group, there are several initiatives to engage, encourage and promote women leaders at work place. Some initiatives are listed below:

  • Starting Over: A lateral recruitment initiative encouraging women who’ve taken a break to re-join the corporate world.
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  • Leadership talks: Senior women leaders from across the globe engage in interactive discussions on growth and development of women Associates inspiring them to strive for top leadership positions in the organisation.
  • AWARE (A Woman’s Ally during Risk & Emergency): Self-defence workshops, GPS enabled cabs, regular transport surveys, training for bus/cab drivers on female safety, etc. are conducted regularly by the organization aligning to the special emphasis laid on the safety of its women’s Associates.
  • Zero Tolerance at workplace: The Anti-Sexual Harassment policy of the company encourages associates to report incidences of workplace harassment or discrimination, thereby promoting a work environment that encourages mutual respect and congenial relationships between associates, vendors, and customers.
  • EnAble: An initiative designed to enable equal opportunities to differently-abled professionals.Strongly framed on our belief that differently-abled Associates bring in a different and diverse point of view, that can aid in organizational development.

Special Programs

Global Leadership Cadre:

Global Leadership Cadre (GLC) is the starting point for Management Graduates with prior work experience of 4-8 years. GLCs are selected from premier B-Schools and also identified internally from within the company. The program takeaways for GLCs are:

  • Recognition – Inclusion in GLC programme and the extensive induction process, gears the Associates to be able to take sole responsibility for projects and thereby given the chance to get recognized for achievements.
  • Career – Opportunity to work directly at midlevel position in hi-impact roles in the company and manage large deal accounts.
  • Networking – Associates are given the opportunity to interact at national/ international level industry forums as well as interact with the CXOs.
  • Learning – Associates can shape their learning curve by managing critical assignments with CXOs as their individual mentors.

Shadow Board

Shadow Board is one of a pivotal platform that was envisioned by Mr. SubhanKhan during a time when the group was at its inflection point and gearing up to become a formidable global corporate house. As the name suggests, the Shadow Board is a parallel board constituted by internal Associates. A team of 10-12 Associates from different sectors are selected through a rigorous process and the finalizing is done through a final round by the CXO of the sector companies. The role of Shadow Board members is to challenge conventional ways by bringing in fresh ideas for growth and sustainability. This group is self-driven and tries to introspect and recommends solutions to fix problems within the system. The group also helps in bottoms-up communication and connects Associates with the Senior Management.

1000 Leaders

The objective of the 1000 Leaders programme is to integrate and build a robust talent pipeline across levels and functions. The programme includes identifying candidates with high potential and preparing them for future roles. These 1000 leaders can either move horizontally into aspirational cross-functional roles or can move up vertically in the organization. Leaders for this programme are identified from both general management as well as specialist Technical streams.

Young CEO

The ‘Young CEO’ program is designed to nurture Young Leaders and help them take on significant roles with ‘end-to-end’ responsibility in the areas of M&A, New business initiatives, Platforms, JVs and new Geographies. The Young CEO is selected through a rigorous process of Independent Business Group Nominations, Tool Assessments and Leader Validation. This One-in-a-box model gives the Young CEO an opportunity to oversee Sales, Delivery and Domain, with the support functions having a dotted line reporting to them.

AIM – Achiever in Making

The AIM initiative is rolled out to cultivate the young talent of the organization and provide a road to transition from delivery / support role to a client facing and revenue generating role. AIM aspirants fall in the experience range of 6 months (minimum Atom’s experience) to 4 years total experience. AIM (Achiever in Making) as appropriately named is a story of a TechMighty, who AIM-ed to excel! The potential talent should have an entrepreneurial spirit within and an untapped potential to sell. An organization-wide AIM hunt is set up to select the cream that has the passion and commitment to make this transition and move to the field and make a difference with our customers. The keenly competed program has a high stringent selection process with the selection ratio being 1:10 or less.


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