Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Perhaps, travel and leisure sector has witnessed one of the biggest industry booms in recent years. With countries promoting tourism in a significant way, many companies are cashing in on the opportunity to release their own applications in this sector. With advertising emerging as a more palatable choice for travelers, application providers and retailers now have a way of monetizing their offerings and driving more value out of a potentially lucrative marketing channel.

The entertainment industry has grown by leaps and bounds. With hectic work schedules overwhelming people’s lives, scheduling holidays for leisure is increasingly becoming a much needed option for rejuvenation among the masses. Recreation has evolved into what is now a highly demanded commodity.

Kellton Tech has explored this industry to the hilt. The company has provided expert technical assistance to large travel and leisure companies around the world. The deep penetration of web and mobile usage amongst consumers across the globe has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way travel and leisure industry does business today. Products are now distributed and purchased in many different ways as compared to ones used a decade ago.

With deep understanding of how technology has converged with travel and leisure industry, Kellton Tech is an excellent technology partner for organizations looking to transform their business challenges into sustainable competitive advantage. The organization has collaborated with airlines, car rental agencies, online travel agents, hotels, transportation and logistics, and gaming and sports related businesses across the globe.

Kellton Tech’s services will help leverage technology to drive revenues from multiple distribution channels, offer better customer service, increase customer loyalty and optimize operational efficiency.