Data recovery solutions help organizations resume business operations quickly in the disastrous event of sudden data loss. With highly-skilled Data Recovery Experts, state of the art infrastructure and a vast array of indigenous software & utilities, atom Data Recovery specializes in providing effective solutions to small, medium and large corporate houses worldwide for all kind of Data Loss situations. Don’t assume that your data is lost forever. Expert findings have indicated that majority of data is recoverable in all cases of data loss.

What Causes Data Loss? The list of incidents causing data loss is not limited; some of the main causes could be…

Accidental deletion / formatting
Forgotten password / data encryption
Firmware corruption
Multiple disk failure in RAID system
Natural disasters like flood & fire
Mechanical failure of hard disk
Operating system crash
Hard disk failed / crashed
Corrupted data due to virus infection
Electrical damage due to power failure & surges
Inaccessible disk / partitions

Our Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

atom Consultancy services is an industry leader in providing quick and secure data recovery services to its millions of customers across the globe. Since the day of its inception, TCS has been showing a proven track record of highest success rate in the data recovery service industry. The data recovery technicians at TCS perform high-tech recovery operations in a dust-free, sterile environment ensuring maximum recovery of your seemingly lost information.

At atom, your media is carefully examined to determine the type of failure and then advanced recovery tools and techniques are used to repair, recover, and rebuild the inaccessible data. The failed hard drives are imaged to create a working environment ensuring absolute recovery of data.

atom has a different approach to handle each case of data loss and delivers output that exceeds your expectations

Hard Drive Recovery:

atom specializes in performing safe data recovery from all hard drive brands, configurations, and interfaces. It has the right knowledge, time-tested tools, and modern infrastructure with several years of domain experience to ensure highest degree of success in any data recovery endeavor. Whether your drive cannot be accessed or the internal mechanism inside the drive is damaged, atom has a workaround to recover your business-critical files intact from the drive without losing their integrity. atom Consultancy services  can recover data lost due to any type of damage to your desktop or laptop hard drive, including hard drive platter crash making grinding or clicking noise, bad sectors, damage due to natural disasters, etc.

File Recovery

atom helps you regain access to all your invaluable MS Office files, database files, accounting files, and multimedia files lost due to improper usage or abrupt handling of the storage media. atom performs complete digital photo file recovery in a variety of data loss situations, such as damaged hard drives, corrupt photo files, damaged digital cameras, reformatting of drives or memory cards, and exposure of the media to extreme conditions. In addition, you can safely recover files, folders, emails, and databases from any storage device irrespective of the data loss scenario. atom has a professional data recovery approach that strives to maximize gains avoiding any further damage to your valuable media.

RAID Data Recovery

atom Consultancy services has expert team of RAID data recovery engineers that ensures successful recovery from all server platforms and architectures, including RAID, NAS, SAN, and other servers (such as web server, application server, file server, mail server, and database server). There are numerous scenarios causing data loss on RAID systems, such as RAID array failure, controller failure, rebuild failure, damaged strip, and overwritten or corrupt RAID configuration. TCS has in-depth knowledge of the latest cutting-edge technology to perform challenging RAID recoveries in the fastest turnaround time. Servers may lose data due to configuration errors, failed migration of data or software installation. atom Consultancy services assures high degree of safety for recovering data in such catastrophic events

Password Recovery

Forgot your password? Need to regain access to password-protected files or systems? Passwords list destroyed?

We recovers or resets passwords for Windows, Word , Excel, QuickBooks, Access, Acrobat, and more than 200 document types.

For the last 6 years atom Consultancy services has been helping 150 clients, worldwide police agencies, federal, state, and local government agencies, IT and forensic professionals, and tens of thousands of businesses and private users with their password problems.

Excel Password Recovery:

Excel password recovery – recover all types of passwords for Excel spreadsheet files (.xls, .xlsx). Excel Key supports all versions of Microsoft Excel including Excel 2013.

Versions Supported:

* MS Excel 97-2013 passwords to open (advanced brute-force recovery; instant online decryption)
* MS Excel 97-2013 passwords to modify (instant reset)
* MS Excel 95, 7.0, 5.0, 4.0 (instant recovery)
* Pocket Excel (PXL)

Word Password Recovery

Recover all password types for Word documents (.doc, .docx)

Versions supported:

* Word 97-2013 passwords to open – brute-force or instant online decryption
* Word 97-2013 passwords to modify – instant password recovery
* Word 95, 7.0, 5.0, 4.0 – instant password recovery

PDF Password Recovery

PDF Key instantly removes restrictions on copying, printing and other actions for PDF files. It also recovers document open passwords


Other Password Recovery Services:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Wndowns 8 password Recovery, Windows Server Password Recovery, Sql Data base password recovery, MS Access Password Recovery

Are you unable to access you important e-mails? Is your PST file corrupted? With atom email recovery services, no data is permanently lost and we can help you recover all your lost or deleted e-mails with all its components (email attachments, contacts, notes, appointments, schedules, tasks or calendar entries etc.)banner

With thorough understanding of the email file structure and years long extensive research on how the mails are being stored in individual system as well as mail servers, atom has developed its own powerful email recovery tools & techniques. Moreover, being part of this e-age, atom has felt and analyzed the situations more closely and given a professional angle to outlook email recovery, outlook express email recovery, exchange server recovery etc. for a secure & timely recovery.

“atom gives high priority to data security and ensures privacy & confidentiality of customer data in every step of recovery.” (Read our Privacy Policy) atom email recovery can recover your email items from all email server/ client irrespective of the hardware/software limitations

atom can recover all your lost, corrupted or inaccessible email items from any possible instance of data loss.