Data Migrations

atom Data Migration solution is based on the mantra of Reusability, Repeatability and Reliability. Our Migration solutions are delivered on our Unified Data Migration Framework© – a completely in-house built platform that guarantees 100% reliable end to end Data migrations

The success of any IT transformation exercise, whether Consolidation, Rationalization, Application or Database replacements is dependent on the success and usability of the resulting systems. This is not possible without successful migration of source data. Typically, enterprises tend to believe investing in an ETL will provide an easy solution to this problem. Or worse yet, custom code is programmed spending an enormous amount of efforts and wasting precious organizational resources. However, more often than not, these projects tend to either fail outright or have serious cost and schedule overruns as outlined in several market studies and analyst reports

At atom, with our 1000+ man years of experience in executing mission-critical Data Migrations, we believe successful and cost-effective Data Migrations can only be achieved with a proven Migration framework and a well-planned migration plan & strategy. With this in mind, we have built the UDMF© platform – an integrated and structured framework to address the common failure points in the migration process, reduce the risk of migration failure and make the migration process reliable.

atom’s UDMF© Platform is designed and built to enable ‘Rules Driven Migrations’ and addresses the needs of all the Migration processes starting from Data Analysis, Quality Analysis, Data Cleanse, Data Mappings & Transformations, Fallout Management, Migration Executions, to Reconciliations & MIS Reporting. Its tool agnostic nature provides an easy mechanism to integrate multiple vendor products at ease ensuring your existing investments are maximized.

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Some of the key features of this platform include:

  • Designed to work with multiple Source and Target systems – Migrates / Transforms data from any database or file system to any other
  • Reusable Components – Reduced development cycles leading to reduced cost, shorter time to market and improved ROI
  • Multiple levels profile reporting capability – for evaluating and identifying the content and structure of source data that has quality issues enable source system owners to cleanse the data at very early stage
  • Complex Product Mappings and Rules – Framework for Product & Field Mapping providing a structured approach in implementing complex product mappings and product mapping rules
  • Real – time Synchronization capability – Supports real-time data integration and continuous data availability of critical information
  • Supports high data volumes – Automated solution with ability to process / migrate humungous volumes of data at ease
  • Customized Reporting capability – Reports and Dashboard generation during execution on various aspects such as Transformation Rules report, Fall out reports, Reconciliation reports, Exclusions Summary report etc