Atom Consultancy Services understands the important role logistics plays in today’s business. A well-managed logistics department actually ensures the growth and profitability of a business. The performance of a company’s logistics and supply chain management system is crucial to the success of its business operations. These software products must be well-integrated within the business, provide real-time logistics support and have adequate strength to handle large amounts of dynamic information.

In this era of agile logistics services, atom’s conceives, innovates and delivers real-time solutions in each segment of the logistics. We help customers achieve competitive advantage with our comprehensive Logistics solutions. Atom’s logistics practice is led by industry experts with strong domain expertise, which helps us create a value chain across the business spectrum by addressing all challenges and requirements. By leveraging our extensive industry experience, proven methodologies and advanced logistics technologies, organizations continually realize increases in asset utilization, accuracy, quality and compliance while lowering overall production and distribution costs.

Some benefits of the logistics solution by Atom’s include:

Operational Efficiency

The very purpose of logistics is to supervise transportation and associated functions. Thus the department requires continual data updates 24/7. However, often there is a lapse in the entire tracking process that adversely affects the business. This can be solved through a centralized database system with close vehicle monitoring and a seamless flow of information. Atom’s logistics solution is a robust modem that ensures against such lapses and maintains operational efficiency.

Better Vehicle Monitoring

The atom’s location based services platform is a powerful mobility solutions base that ensures complete and flawless GPS tracking of fleets and vehicles. GPS navigation keeps a constant vigil over vehicles by demarcating, their exact locations  and closely monitoring their movements.

Improved Interdepartmental Communications

The logistics department needs to stay updated and answer queries posed by other departments on a regular basis. Since they deal with the movement of goods, every department requires their services, from the purchases department to the sales department, etc. ATom’s logistics solution facilitates seamless, user-friendly information and data sharing.

We have extensive experience in developing new logistics and supply chain management solutions for companies across the world.  Our seasoned developers have successfully completed many crucial projects. At Atom’s, we recognize that evolution is a continual process of development and change. We understand the importance of highly evolved logistics for any company, thus we keep pushing ourselves to provide the best value to our clients.