Supply Chain & Inventory Management Solution

Supply chain and inventory play a crucial role in determining overall performance and contribute significantly to a company’s prospects for the success. Thus effective, efficient management of supply chain and inventory is an important task for any enterprise. The growing complexity of the supply chain system, has necessitated the development of applications  to track inventory and manage all supply chain-related issues.

Companies needed a software solution that could be integrated into their business, provide real-time inventory management and shipment tracking, and handle dynamic product information and client details. In short, a super app that would aggregate all supply chain and inventory-related issues together for better monitoring. Understanding this need, atom’s has a specially designed software solution for supply chain and inventory management. Atom’s Location Based Services (LBS) platform has made inventory management easy. We have a dedicated team of engineers who have successfully designed and deployed inventory and supply chain management solutions across the world.

Our focus area includes:

  • Shipping management
  • Warehouse inventory & distribution
  • Contract management
  • Procurement

With an advanced LBS platform, Atom’s provides some unique solutions for supply chain and inventory management:

  • Tracking and updating warehouse stocks.
  • Barcode reading and generating of inventories.
  • Atom’s LBS enables pinpointing the geo-position of inventory.
  • Logistics frameworks for collecting, managing and analyzing high-volume data related to commercial shipments, inventory and distribution.