One of the critical elements that is key to any big data initiative is the ability to extract knowledge from data and analyse to arrive at tangible business decisions. Analysing massive amounts of data and arriving at the right insights is a combination of technology, methodology and skill set. More importantly, what it needs is the ability to extract the right meaning from the data and channelize it to critical business functions leading to revenue growth, brand leadership and competitive advantage.

Data sciences is a sophisticated discipline in itself that draws from various elements across statistical techniques, mathematical modelling and visualization. By encapsulating the complexities involved in data sciences, Happiest Minds enables organizations derive the right insights from their data without concerning about the underlying technological and mathematical intricacies. Our key data sciences offerings include:

Data manipulation & analytic applications addressing automation, application development and testing

Data modelling covering key areas like experimental design, graphical models and path analysis

Statistics and machine learning through classical and spatial statistics, simulation and optimization techniques

Text data analysis through pattern analysis, text mining and NLP by developing and integrating solutions or deploying packaged solutions

Our wide spectrum of services across algorithm development, prediction modelling, optimization and analytics automation, help you meet your data analysis requirements with minimal dependency on data experts. Our expertise ranges across a wide range of analytical applications(SAS), statistical tools (Anova), prediction modelling tools(SAS) and Visualization tools(Spotfire, Tableau).