Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is entering mainstream information technology (IT) as enterprises look at mobility as a key enabler for their business process automation. At atom, we look at mobility as a paradigm for efficiency and engagement. We also look at mobility as the means to blend the right access and the right context to provide the right leverage that transforms the way businesses are conducted.We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that are technologically superior and commercially viable to telecom companies and enterprises. We cover the entire gamut of the advice-innovate- execute-manage cycle.

Our Enterprise Mobility offering is cut into business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), business-to-enterprise (B2E) and machine-to-machine (M2M) segments for automobile, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, travel and logistics, energy and utilities, banking, finance and insurance industries.

Our key value propositions are:

  • Objective-oriented Consultancy, effective enterprise mobility strategy and efficient mobility rollouts
  • IP-driven services with ready and reusable application and process frameworks
  • Ready-to-deploy solutions for varied business verticals to accelerate the time to market. Also, our solutions ensure quicker benefits for niche competencies in emerging technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC), video streaming, image recognition and processing and voice recognition
  • Leveraging partnership with global mobility platform providers to bring the best solutions
  • Dedicated arm for mobility solutions, acknowledged by industry analysts as leading mobility solutions provider.
  • Established engagements across mobility lifecycle, with global telcos & enterprises – over 150 solution and services projects successfully delivered.
  • RoI oriented mobility enablement across multiple enterprise verticals
  • Best in class tools and technologies for application delivery and assurance , with dedicated CoEs
  • Delivery efficiencies with large repository of reusable components , test assets and global delivery model
  • Faster GTM with ready mobility solutions
  • End to end mobility GTM leverage for Telcos
  • Proprietary frameworks with IP based service model for lower TCO and rapid new service enablement

Enterprise Service Offerings

Consultancy and Incubation

Organizations feel the need for enterprise mobility Consultancy and strategy for the following reasons:

  • As a part of the mobility roadmap, most organizations go through the phases such as trialing mobility with point solutions, providing mobility extensions to core enterprise applications and infusing a mobility-centric strategy throughout the organization
  • Many of the older business processes had been developed without keeping mobility in mind
  • Personal mobile devices are no longer restricted in organizations
  • The availability of multiple devices, operating systems and mobility solutions from various enterprise software vendors confuses the decision-makers on approach
  • Growing focus on security along with financial and competitive pressures

As each enterprise has unique requirements, we serve our customers to recognize the mobility needs and benefits, and visualize a roadmap to accomplish the mission. We finally suggest a strategic approach for the project execution that fits the technological, budgetary and operational requirement of an enterprise.

In Consultancy engagements, we engage with the stakeholders of the customer for 4-8 weeks and define a medium to long-term strategy on Enterprise Mobility:


Key Steps Applied


  • Application use-cases
  • IT system goals and challenges
  • Application development and platform challenges
  • Security
  • Support devices
  • Operational model
  • Infrastructure
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Current state assessment of business processes and technology
  • Identify and prioritize areas for mobility intervention
  • Develop target architecture
  • Review and resolution
  • Develop application, user interface and testing standards
  • Engagement strategy – questionnaire and workshops
  • Focus areas
  • Prioritized use cases
  • Mobility target architecture
  • Measureable metrics
  • Mobility roadmap
  • Recommendations for choice of platforms, technology and devices


As a step ahead, for customers wanting to try out practical methods and solutions, we assist them in engineering thoughts into prototypes with initial turnkey engagements. The success of dipstick assignments has often led our customers coming back for wider and larger implementations of the trialed approaches and solutions attempted.

Enterprises and solution providers always seek to:

  • Collaborate with employees, partners and machines, and bring in relevant mobility applications quickly for consumption
  • Securely manage devices and users consuming the applications
    Scale up the solution for a wider impact
  • Do all these without impacting the current setup
  • With our strategic partnerships and large team of experts trained

on multiple platforms, our service offerings for mobility platforms include:

  • Evaluation and selection of the right technology and platform
  • Enterprise mobile application development for Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)
  • System integration
  • Deployment and configuration
  • Hosting and managed services for Level 1 and level 2 support, implementation support, maintenance and troubleshooting

We also enable mobility solutions through our lightweight mobility framework, Unified Mobility Platform (UMP).

Mobile applications are means to offer thrust to business processes by providing access to the right information, under the right context to the right people at the right time. While considering or developing mobile applications, enterprises are presented with the following challenges:

  • Fragmented platforms and multiple form factors
  • Compliance of applications with back-end IT processes
  • Seamless integration of mobility applications to enterprise back-ends
  • Secure data transactions between users and systems
  • Need for applications to deal with multiple network technologies

We have a large taskforce of highly skilled mobile application developers who are focusing on application development beyond coding. The best practices for application development, project delivery and application deployment are well-guided by our Mobility Center of Excellence. Our focus spawns:

  • Variety in skill sets
  • Thoroughly agile and optimized delivery cycles
  • Right quality gates across the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Comprehensive attention to non-functional requirements of applications

Our mobile application development practice creates custom applications for all leading native, browser-based (HTML 5) and hybrid platforms. Further, we have built ready-to-deploy horizontal and vertical-based solutions that can be relevantly applied to customer needs for a faster time to market and quicker efficiency gains.

We have observed key areas related to optimization of complex data and network applications, and have developed innovative frameworks that have cut down development effort by up to 30 percent.

Read about our Mobile Solution Testing Services

The success of enterprise mobility solutions largely pivots on management of devices, applications, platforms and business operations for risks, cost surges and a smooth end-user experience. We offer managed services across the lifecycle and ecosystem of enterprise mobility.

  • Mobile Application and Device Management

The influx of newer devices and applications in the market, and proliferation of devices into enterprises due to consumerization of IT is cementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as a rule more than as a trend.

As the number of users and devices continue to grow, applications need to be provisioned for users and security needs to be maintained over transactions. All these issues underline the importance of managing devices and applications.

We provide the following services:

  • Over-the-air (OTA) application and policy, provisioning and upgrade
  • Security management
  • Asset management
  • Hosted or on-premise managed services for end-user support and helpdesk
  • Order and spend management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) migration services
  • Implementation and support services



Operations Support

Our service offerings aim at providing operational excellence and eliminating logistics issues for the customer by offering the following services:

  • Device lifecycle management such as procurement, replacement and retirement
  • Platform management of Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms. The services include deployment, implementation support, configuration management and Level 1 and Level 2 maintenance support
  • Program management for all services provided

Testing of mobile solutions needs separate attention due to the following factors:

  • Mobile applications are made for multiple devices, networks and targeted at highly diverse user segments
  • Complex applications need to liaise with multiple data sources
  • User experience demands are increasing
  • All the above factors place due focus on non-functional requirements, especially in an enterprise setup where there are almost no margins for errors

In keeping with this observation, we have a core testing practice for mobile applications operating in a Center of Excellence (CoE) mode. The service spectrum covers test design, system testing, regression testing, test automation and compliance measurement across iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Bada platforms. The CoE also provides mobile application testing consultancy as a service.



Another key offering of the Testing CoE is the Mobile Application Testing Ecosystem (MATE) that provides a centralized testing and test automation infrastructure on cloud for testing mobile applications . Enterprises & telecom operators can have their mobile solutions tested on any device, platform. Additionally, telecom operators can offer this testing framework to enterprise customers and developer communities to certify the functionality, conformance and usability and of the mobile applications.

Customers will benefit from the following:

  • Comprehensive and ubiquitous infrastructure for end-to-end testing
  • Mobile application testing on demand with no upfront investment
  • Best in class tools and test methodologies
  • Increased efficiencies and faster time to market
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and higher reliability