Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

atom solutions enterprise resource planning (ERP) business arrangement programming engages your keen to be more profitable and empowers your frameworks to adjust as you develop, while conveying the understanding you have to react rapidly in a steadily evolving world.

Some of our core segments of ERP are listed below:

Accounting software provides a broad range of features and functions that improve all facets of financial planning, management, control, and analysis. With accounting software, businesses can increase accountingproductivity, while enhancing financial performance management and strategic financial planning. Today’s accounting software packages are designed to simplify and automate complex, manual financial management processes and improve the accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness of mission-critical financial data. By streamlining and accelerating vital activities such as budget creation, allocation, and management; cash flow analysis; accounts payable and receivable; management of capital equipment and other assets; and financial reporting, accounting software can dramatically increase the productivity of finance staff members, while improving financial performance management and strategic company planning. Our accounting software applications provide the features and capabilities, to improve all facets of financial planning, management, control & analysis.


  • To use this System, no need to be a professional accountant
  • Time savings
  • Improved financial control
  • Better management information
  • Protection from tax investigations
  • Faster and more proactive advice from your accountant
  • Number of reports concerning the types you may use
  • An Open Development Model
  • Better data integrity controls for the protection and processing of your financial details
  • Different customer and vendor account information
  • Control inventory management and track your inventory status
  • Maintain complete ledger with this System
  • Prepares Bank account recon statements and also writes checks for you
  • Import or export reports
  • User Level Security

HRMS (Human Resource Management System) or HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology through HR software. Many HR professionals are choosing a HRMS to handle all their HR activities electronically. Having a great HRMS has numerous benefits. In the end, productively levels tend to increase as a result of choosing the right HRMS. The function of the human resources department involves tracking employee histories, skills, abilities, salary and their accomplishments. When an organization takes care to reduce the manual workload an organization performs, they choose to replace those processes with various levels of HRMS systems. Executives within a HR department either rely on internal IT experts or third-party vendors to develop and implement an integrated system. Each module performs a separate function within the HRMS.


  • Database for employee information
  • Learning and recruiting management
  • Benefits administration
  • Employee self-service
  • Attendance records
  • Employee scheduling
  • Payroll
  • Tracking of employee absenteeism
  • Performance evaluation
  • Analytics
  • Well secured Oracle Based Robust System
  • Real application with automatic compliance document generation.
  • Powerful and possible all Search criteria both on forms and reports.
  • Very large reporting system to meet all requirements.
  • Automatic appointment letter generation.
  • Keep track of all employee current and past history information.
  • Section wise office timing provision
  • Weekend changing Facility.
  • Actual OT, Holiday & Night & Holiday Present allowance payment system.
  • Unquestionable Compliance Attendance and OT documents.
  • Staff advance and can be adjustable with monthly Salary.
  • Company Calendar to record and maintain holiday, weekend and working day.
  • Inclusion and exclusion employee list.
  • Support Dual ID card system (Barcode and proximity card).
  • Barcode ID Card printing facility with photo.
  • Store real attendance and reality compliance attendance.
  • Bengali Pay slip, Biodata

The Inventory Management System records and manages all the information from Purchase Requisition to Issue as well as provides decision making and analytical information timely and accurately.This is one of the most robust and flexible suites of Inventory. The software modules deal with all aspects your business. And no matter how complex your business might be, chances are we can adapt ourselves to your needs. Inventory Management System will improve turnaround times, reduce risks and boost Profitability. Our Client-Server based Inventory Management System provides a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. This is well secured Oracle Based and web baised Robust System.


  • Inventory management increases profitability
  • Inventory management improves cash flow
  • Inventory management improves decision-making
  • Inventory management increases customer satisfaction
  • Inventory management increases supplier satisfaction also.
  • History of Transactions
  • Role Based User Privileges
  • Minimal upfront cost
  • Rapid implementation
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Flexible customization

School Management System is a comprehensive Education ERP system that centralizes, stores, and mines the mountains of data produced by educational establishments. The School Management System effortlessly automates routine administrative functions. This package has the most flexible and interactive scheduling features, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire school community in real time. Least of all, the School Management System is utterly simple for everyone to use. It also the most complete educational management system ever imagined: the first truly scalable, web-based school management software with the power to revolutionize the way that schools, colleges and educational establishments are run. This software is more than just another technology solution¿it is an educational system that will radically improve the way schools are managed.


  • Its provides network interaction between teacher, parents, students and school administration.
  • Administration, teachers can send SMS alerts to student and parents, to notify educational activities.
  • Donors can see Student progress and can support needy students in their education .
  • Interface and Usage
  • Data and Information Management
  • Admission / Preadmission Process
  • Fee Payment
  • Student Attendance
  • Exams Management
  • Timetables
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Elaborate user rights control, user categorization (user groups)
  • Mobile SMS and text-integrated Student Attendance andFee due notice plans.