Microsoft Solutions


The atom’s Microsoft Synergy

atom’s relationship with Microsoft over the last seven years has been a rewarding one encompassing Partner, Vendor and Customer dimensions. Holding all the three dimensions together and guiding them into a unified direction is the compelling vision of the relationship.

atom’s Microsoft Synergy Vision

“To build a robust Global Microsoft partnership that exemplifies deep, mutually beneficial engagement, driven by high service valuation and consistent customer delight in all segments.”


atom’s and Microsoft share a deeply committed partnership to provide ‘best-in-breed’ industry and technology solutions to enterprise customers. Over last four years, partner dimension has achieved multi-dimensional growth across geographies, competency areas and domains:

  • Geographies – USA (East & West Coasts), APAC, ANZ, EMEA
    Major verticals of focus –
  • g, Insurance, BFS
  • Core Competencies– Infrastructure,BI, MS Dynamics, .NET and Duet

atom’s is honored to receive the Communications Sector Partner of the Year Award for 2011 from Microsoft. The award signifies the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and having the closest working relationship with Microsoft. atom’s provides engineering services to Microsoft, develops and implements MS Products and custom built solutions in the field. Currently, atom’s has a multifaceted relationship with Microsoft especially in the Communication Sector which involves the following roles:

Service Offering

atom’s has the capability to develop business critical applications using .NET Framework (from 2.0 to 3.5 and above) as well customizing Microsoft COTS products like Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), BizTalk Server, Customer Care Framework / Accelerator (CCF/A) and MS SQL Server. Atom’s core focus areas within Microsoft Technologies are as follows

  • Microsoft Platform Solutions including BI, Portals, Mobility and IPTV- Mediaroom
  • Business Solutions – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Customer Care Channel Solutions and ERP
  • Cloud Computing solutions

atom’s is the leading player in the System Integration space using various Microsoft based tools & technologies and has the expertise in .NET and the entire spectrum of Microsoft products. Below image indicates the Atom’s footprint across various Microsoft Products, Platforms and Technologies


Business Intelligence

BI & PM helps improve business insight across organizations by enabling IT department to define standard reports, methodologies and metrics that can be accessed in rich, role based user interface. BI applications encompass data warehouse systems, data management suites, OLAP reports and executive dashboards.

Microsoft Business Intelligence Capability

atom’s offers a complete set of Microsoft based Business Intelligence and Data Management solutions for Enterprises and Telecom operators. atom’s has successfully delivered in multiple complex BI engagements BI1across industries encompassing all phases of the project lifescycle – Consultancy, Architecting, Building and Solution Management.

atom’s has leveraged its expertise in complex Data Management solutions to increase customer revenues through optimal asset utilization. Having deployed various Business Intelligence, analytics and data-quality solutions, the exhaustive experience in the telecom domain has become one of the key differentiators.

atom’s Business Intelligence & Performance Management Service Offerings

atom’s BI and PM practices is strategically positioned to leverage on the proven capabilities & experience in deploying Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence solution for major global corporations spanning multiple domains. BI at Atom’s is aimed at synergizing & leveraging its strength towards assisting customers in building robust in the latest cutting edge technologies

atom’s BIPM Service Key features

  • iDecisionsTM, packaged analytics framework certified on Microsoft platform
  • BI ReCoL Library, Re-Usable Component Library
  • ServBI (SoA) Framework for Solution Delivery
  • Large solution centers across North America, Europe, APAC and ANZ Region
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and joint go-to-market for BFSI vertical on CRM and Risk
  • Management (Edge Campaign)

iDecisionTM BI Solution Accelerator

iDecisionsTM is an industry focused analytic framework that incorporates industry best practices in KPIs, analytical templates and dashboards. The iDecisionsTM framework benefit organizations by reducing solution implementation time and cost by over 30-40% as well as reduce the risk involved in solution deployment. The iDecisionsTM framework is currently available for domains like Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Retail, Airlines and Manufacturing.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management capability describes criteria for implementation of web authoring, forms, documents, web content management and record management solutions to manage the life cycle of a wide range of content and for streamlining collaborative Microsoft ECM portfolio includes MS Office SharePoint Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft Office InfoPath, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer products.

atom’s SharePoint Competency Service Offerings

atom’s is one of the Microsoft’s 20 enterprise partners, worldwide. We have practice completely focused on Enterprise Content Management Or SharePoint Solutions. atom’s is one of the first organizations among Indian System Integrators (SIs) to begin SharePoint competency.

atom’s SharePoint Competency Service Key Points

  • 100% process Trensparancy with high Quality Standards
  • Flexible Delivery Methodology
  • Cross Performing team with Microsoft Partnership
  • Proven record with Innovative Solutions
  • Experience in building multiple SharePoint solutions across Industries and Technologies
  • Long term relationships with more than 25 customers
  • COE based framework to roll-out innovative service offerings based on market demands
  • Rich experience to help achieve higher ROI
  • Microsoft Service ready Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Migration alliance with TZUNAMI
  • Large group focused on SharePoint
  • SharePoint certified rich experience on SharePoint projects
  • Cross trained resources in other Microsoft technologies
  • Familiarity with industry level process and expectation
  • Flexibility to fulfill customer expectations

Enterprise Content Management

atom’s has varied experience around .NET technology as well as MOSS for developing Enterprise Content Management, globally. atom also has a dedicated ‘Center of Excellence’ around Microsoft SharePoint.

atom’s Portal experience involves work done around Branding, Presentation and User Experience, Self Service, Security and Access Control, Business Process and User Interaction, Content Management, eCommerce, Personalization, Collaboration, Search, User Management, Foundation Services as well as Backend System Integration.

With indepth knowledge of Microsoft Enterprise Content Management technologies, atom is well equipped to provide a cost effective solution to its customers. atom has successfully delivered Portal solutions under adverse conditions like stringent timelines, integration of multiple systems, projects involving multiple technologies and large scale implementations.

atom’s MOSS based Enterprise Content Management offerings across all user communities:

Windows Embedded

atom provides both professional and managed services in the area of Windows Embedded. With extensive telecom domain knowledge and experience of working with OEMs, Telecom equipment manufacturers, ISVs and telecom operators in the area of Windows CE and Windows Mobile, Atom Consultancy Services has developed various skills that are key to success of Windows Embedded Devices.

OS versions

  • Windows CE 4.2, 5.0, 6.0
  • Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0

Porting Windows embedded to a new hardware

  • Board bring-up / Board support Package – Intel StrongArm, PXA 270, DM320, OMAP 2430
  • Bootloader – ARM assembly
  • OEM Adaptation Layer
  • Device drivers – display, keypad, bluetooth, USB, camera, audio


  • Multimedia – DirectShow, audio / video codecs integration, media player, camera application, streaming
  • Telephony – Radio interface layer, SIP, VoIP
  • Messaging – SMS, MMS, Email
  • Connectivity – ActiveSync, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi

Applications development

  • Win32 SDK, MFC,, Silverlight
  • Telephony – Radio interface layer, SIP, VoIP
  • Messaging – SMS, MMS,
  • Connectivity – ActiveSync, USB, Bluetooth, WiFi

Testing and Certification

CETK, Logo certification, in house tool development for automated testing, Network performance monitoring tool.

Development Tools

Platform Builder, Visual Studio 2008, Hardware Assisted debugging, Remote tools

Examples that depict Atom’s experience in the area of Windows Embedded

  • Video Telephony application on Windows Mobile 5.0, which involves development of DirectShow filters of FFMPEG and AAC, development of UI application and integration of O-SIP stack.
  • Search client application on Windows Mobile 6.0. This application helps user to find nearest restaurants, landmarks, railway stations etc.
  • Seamless Mobility client. This application provides voice continuity across cellular to WiFi and vice versa.
  • WDM driver porting. This involved porting National Instruments PCI – USB, GPIB, Network stack from Windows XP to Windows CE 6.0
  • Windows CE OS migration. This involved OS migration from Windows CE 4.2 to Windows CE 5.0 for an inkjet printer.

IPTV Mediaroom Solutions Overview

atom’s plays a significant role with both incumbent and emerging service providers and enterprises in the IPTV and triple play areas. Hence service providers seeking to pilot and deploy IPTV and triple play solutions across their networks as a way to build their retail consumer offerings around value-added video-centric services can take advantage of the experience and global reach offered by Atom Consultancy Services.

Mediaroom Offerings

Converged Applications/Services on Mediaroom leveraging atom’s Application Abstraction Framework (TAAF)

atom presents a powerful normalization mechanism to interact with Mediaroom, isolate and protect the video investments and create a multi-tenant environment for service providers to enable and secure the customer experience on video without disruption on any of its ecosystem elements.

This layer termed as TAAF or atom Application Abstraction Framework, that covers native as well as integration applications including EPG, EAS, green-walled third-party application players, soft-switches / PBXes, RDVR & native Mediaroom applications. Vendors with no direct integration with Mediaroom become compliant easily. This layer helps in minimizing operational issues and delayed roll-outs when faster time to market is actually possible.

Key Highlights

  • Multi-million dollar investment in building pre-integrated E2E IPTV system
  • Mediaroom center of excellence labs for deployment and Apps Development Lab
  • Tier-1 vendor’s STB related testing; includes DSLAMs and VOD testing for HD, Dolby
  • Network Simulation lab
  • Interop Certification Lab for Tier 1 IPTV Equipment vendor
  • Encoder certification lab
  • Best Practices in IPTV domain having worked with 2 Tier-1 Telecom Operators
  • Active Participation in IPTV forums in different geographies



atom offers various service offerings on Microsoft online services such as Office 365, CRM Online. Services include consultation, development (configuration) or migration of on-premise business productivity, e-mail, Sharepoint, CRM and other services to the Microsoft Cloud. The services are delivered by architects and consultants specifically focussed on respective technologies, providing the most appropriate solution based on customer and business needs.

atom’s SaaS Offerings


Windows Azure practice of Atom’s helps customers from analyzing the customer needs to building the right solution or applications based on Windows Azure. The practice takes advantage of the dedicated COE for Windows Azure that won awards from Microsoft and works on solutions and latest updates to this rapidly evolving technology. Customers derive significant value by judicious deployment and/or integration of on-premise and Azure-based applications. Our services span Consultancy, development, migration and integration services .

atom’s PaaS Services


As a part of cloud offerings atom provides various services on Microsoft Azure platform across the SDLC lifecycle. It includes Consultancy, proof of concept, end-to-end development, migration and management of Azure based applications.

atom can utilize its Azure expertise to provide a multitude of services for organizations who seek to migrate their IT on Azure platform. These services include:


atom handles a variety of data center solutions, both on-premise and Cloud. Customers benefit from the server consolidation to managed or cloud-deployed virtualization solutions. Our expertise includes Microsoft products such as Windows Server Datacenter edition, Hyper-V, SCOM, SCVMM and ability to work with other virtualization products. The service offerings include consultation, implementing deployment solutions, monitoring and managing the infrastructure

atom's IaaS Offerings

Service Delivery Platform

Cloud Service Delivery Platform

All over the world, organizations are expected to migrate from conventional on-premise models to subscription based models.

To enable the cloud ecosystem, atom has developed the Cloud Service Delivery Platform (SDP), which acts as a core engine to automate the cloud management processes. It is a generic platform independent of services, delivering various infrastructure resources (IaaS) and software as services (SaaS). The Cloud SDP provides a common mechanism to provision, monitor and manage resources. The Cloud SDP integrates with the virtualization and software configuration platforms to automate the end to end process and optimize the resource usage.

Migrating infrastructure/applications to Cloud provide various benefits like flexibility, optimal resource utilization and simplified IT management.

atom’s robust Cloud SDP will enable cable providers to offer IaaS/SaaS/PaaS with ease, lesser investments and enable quick time to market. It will also provide flexibility to add new services quickly and help cable operators more adaptable to dynamic market conditions.

Cloud SDP Offerings from atom’s

Pre-Built SDP as an IP

  • Common Provisioning portal
  • Order Management, Staging and Queuing
  • Provisioning mechanism with configurable business rules, sequence of operations and rollback
  • Management Console for SDP configuration

Integration Accelerators – for integrating with 3rd party systems

  • Standard interface for BSS/OSS Integration
  • Pre-integrated rules and business logic for HMC
  • Pre-built and extensible connectors for HMC provisioning system
  • Pre-integrated rules and business logic for User management on AD
  • Standardized templates for SoftSwitch connectors
  • Pre-integrated rule and business logic for EVS provisioning

Application On Boarding

  • Application Ideation
  • Connector Creation
  • Business Logic
  • Application Mash up
  • Application bundling

Support and maintenance

  • Providing ongoing support for maintaining the SDP and applications on top of that

Office 365 offering for syndicator

Office 365

Small and medium businesses are increasingly shifting to Microsoft Office 365 based systems. Microsoft’s partner ecosystem comprises of resellers and syndication partners for selling its O365 services. Microsoft O365 Syndication partners include Telcos that resell O365 services to SMBs while bundling their own services along with O365 as a packaged offering. They could also bill customers as per their own billing model.

Syndication partners need to invest both time and money to on-board O365 services. There can be a significant delay in ROI if there is no common platform to offer O365 service with the Syndication partner’s own offerings. Moreover it is time consuming to integrate business processes with O365.

To overcome these challenges atom has developed a readymade end-to-end pre-integrated O365 solution for Syndication partners. It is based on atom Cloud Service Delivery Platform (SDP) and can be used to provision and manage O365 services. The same platform can be used to deliver other private and public cloud services that will enable better ROI.

Key Features

  • Readymade self-service portal for hoster, reseller and customer admin
  • Automated customer registration and O365 provisioning
  • Trial account management and upgrade
  • Domain management
  • Seat management and plan upgrade
  • Customer/users onboarding
  • Reseller/Customer search
  • User profile management
  • User actions control based roles and access

Benefits of Atom’s offering for Microsoft O365 Syndication Partners

  • Self-service enablement based on Atom’s cloud superstore
  • Common service delivery engine based on Atom’s SDP
  • Readymade MOSI adapter to connect with Microsoft O365 service
  • Readymade connectors to handle callback events
  • Billing and metering connectors built in

atom can help you with 

  • Consultancy
    • Understanding your business processes and rules
    • Enhancing existing business rules to fit O365
  • Implementation
    • Integration with any BSS/OSS and product catalogue
    • Deploying Atom’s Cloud SDP Platform
    • Provisioning Microsoft O365 services
    • On-boarding resellers, customers and users for Microsoft O365 system
  •  Testing
    • End-to-end testing with OSS/BSS systems and Microsoft O365
  • Data Migration
    • Migration of customer accounts from legacy systems to Microsoft O365 based mailboxes
  • Support and maintenance
    • Ongoing maintenance and production support

atom’s offering for O365 Syndication partners can enable faster O365 service delivery for your organization at lower operations costs, while giving a higher ROI.