Our Migration from License Tools to Open Source (MiLTOS), a service offering that allows customers to migrate from the licensed tool Quick Test Professional (QTP) to open source tool – Selenium (Java). This offering reduces the use of licensed tools, thereby minimizing the costs incurred on licensed tools.

Why Choose atom?

We have built automated migration engine to reduce conversion effort by 70 to 80 percent, thus saving substantially on the conversion effort.

Our team of automation experts have helped many of our customers to migrate from the QTP to Selenium in a very short time, thus saving their time and money.

We offer innovative pricing models such as Convert First Pay Later, Pay Along the Returns, Shared Script Pricing, etc.

Our consultants recommend the right open source tool and migration plan.

With our IP MiLTOS, we have helped our customers create a low cost end-to-end automation solution for Web applications using open source tools.


Following are the benefits of MiLTOS:

  • Reliable conversion of scripts
  • Cost reduction
  • On-the-Fly conversion resulting in time saving
  • Improved script development productivity
  • Support for object repository
  • Support for converting multiple script at a time
  • User friendly for a wide section of test engineers

Value Propositions

  • Low ownership cost, flexibility, increased innovation, shorter development and faster procurement
  • Minimal manual intervention required
  • Strongly backed by a team of 20 associates with growth plans in place
  • Easily configurable;no installation required


  • It is a unique tool developed by MSAT QEdge
  • Converts Recorded QTP Automated Test Scripts to Selenium

Service Offerings

The cost of using licensed tools is very high for customers. If customers decide to use an open source tool such as Selenium for test automation, they need to re-develop their scripts in Selenium from scratch. In the current marketplace, test automation scripts developed using the licensed tool Quick Test Professional (QTP) cannot be converted directly to Selenium.

MiLTOS provides the flexibility to convert the existing recorded QTP scripts to Selenium scripts, which results in quick development of scripts, thereby saving time and money.