Product Engineering


We have the largest telecom testing practice with professional engineers covering the entire spectrum of testing for Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), Telecom Equipment Manufactures (TEMs) and telecom-focused Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and enterprises. We have over 200 man years of experience in test automation on different proprietary and off-the-shelf automation platforms. Our test automation services help customers apply best practices, industry standard methodologies, tools and implement automation effectively to achieve the optimum return on their investments. We offer end-to-end test automation services from automation planning to tool selection and script development to test execution monitoring and reporting for a wide variety of equipment and network interfaces.

We enabled a major vendor of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment to automate over 17000 test cases over a period of six months, thus helping them reduce the test cycles by 70 percent and optimizing the time to market by 2 months.

  • Over 7 years of expertise in telecom testing
  • 10-year engagement with top 5 TEMs and 3 TSPs
  • Over 600 experienced engineers with expertise in Legacy and Next-Generation Network (NGN)
  • Mobile User Equipment (UE) validation for Tier 1 TSP across US and APAC
  • Set top box (STB) Validation Centre of Excellence
  • Microsoft’s only India partner for encoder compliance certification with MS Mediaroom
  • Preferred partner for leading automation tool vendor – testing competency c ertification center and customer adoption + Go To Market (GTM)
  • atom’s in-house built open source Test Automation Framework EzFrame, which can be easily customized as per customer needs
  • In-house ready to use Test suites, Test Plans and Test management Tools
  • Highly skilled resources both in Domain and Technology
  • Complete coverage in the Telecom Eco-system
  • Deep understanding of the TSP needs ( augmented with excellent relationships)
  • Testing services including Component Testing, Integration Testing, E2E Testing, Multi-Vendor Conformance Testing and Network Integration Testing for networks
  • Innovative and flexible business models; customized to fit engagement specifics (Onshore, Offshore and Mix)


  • Legacy TDM
    • Over 10 years of experience in working with several Tier -1 Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) in SDH/SONET
    • Existing offshore lab having capacity of 80 equipment and 25 engineers seating arrangement
    • 10G/40G/100G Testing: Group working on latest developments on OTN/POTS
  • Packet Transport
    • CCNA/CCNP certified Datacom testers having expertise on MPLS-TP, PBB-TE./PDH/SDH over PW / 1588 PTP / Synch Eth


  • User Traffic Generator: SIP phones, HDMIs, VLC Media Player, Ixia, Spirent
  • Interface Test Equipment: ADSL rate and reach tests, TDM / voice traffic
  • Interfaces: POTS, ISDN, E1, E1 via CEoP, PON, DOCSIS, Moca, ADSL, SHDSL, VDSL, EFM
    Network Traffic Generator: SIP/MEGACO, Ixia, Spirent Test Center, Windows/Linux [DHCP/PPPoE/Video]


  • Security
    • Stateful Packet inspection, NAT, DOS, ALGs, ACLs
    • Site to site VPN Tunnels, DPD, Authentication-SHA-1/ND5, Encryption-DES/3DES/AES, Authentication mechanism-Pre-shared Keys, RSA Signatures
    • Detection, prevention modes, automatic signature updates, group-based IDS/IPS
  • E2E Layer 2/3 coverage
  • Application
    • Protocols: FTP/TFTP, RTP/RTCP, SIP, Telnet, SSH, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Signaling and Switching:
    • Proven in-depth expertise in protocol conformance testing: SS7/INBAND, VoIP and SIGTRAN
    • Gateway features between VoIP and PSTN: ITU, ANSI, JAPAN and BTIUP
    • IN, Routing, Billing and Gate Keeper features
    • Class 5 features involving more than 5 legs
    • Interoperability testing scenarios for various legacy and VoIP protocols: Megaco, MGCP, H323, SIP, SS7,MTP,SCCP,TCAP, SIGTRAN, ISDN
  • Device Testing:
    • Solutions on device testing, helping service providers, equipment and platform vendors to validate, verify and certify complex E2E network, access technologies and applications
    • Pre-Operator Acceptance: Platform validation from 3GPP/3GPP2 spec, RF parameters and performance, testing vendor management, support for GCF/PTCRB
    • Development / System Integration Testing: Protocol testing, Application and content testing, vendor management, defect verification and analysis
    • Operator Acceptance Testing: Protocol testing, performance testing, field trial and IOT, content / application testing
    • After Sales Support: Creation of database for issues, post launch application and content testing, maintenance testing

Service Offerings

We have developed an in-house test automation framework “EZ-Frame” built on open source software. The framework has been successfully used to automate several customer projects and helped our customers achieve over 90 percent automation yielding savings of up to 65 percent on testing efforts.


  • Interfaces
    • Command-line interface (CLI)
    • Simple network management protocol (SNMP)
    • Socket Interfaces via Telnet and SSH
    • Socket Interfaces via Terminal
    • Servers
  • Supports Web-based graphic user interface (GUI) automation
  • Supports basic integrated development environment (IDE)
    • functionalities along with support for:
    • Creating new project
    • Editing project files
    • Executing project
  • Project code browsers
    • Drag and drop functionalities
    • Auto update tree
    • Procedure definition functionalities

Alliances and Partners

  • Microsoft’s only India partner for encoder compliance certification with MS Mediaroom
  • Preferred Partner for leading automation tool vendor – testing competency certification center and customer adoption with Go To Market (GTM)