In today’s market, contact centres are evolving to become ‘relationship hubs’ than mere ‘interaction handlers’. Contact centres have evolved to handle queries from a number of channels like web, social media, email, chat and voice. The role of the contact centre agent is getting complex and critical with the increasing digitisation of transactional queries. Whichever interaction method the customer chooses, every enterprise wants to use these footprints to   
  • Enhance customer experience,
  • Generate more value from those interactions, and
  • Reduce costs.

Contact Centre managers are increasingly looking at suppliers who are aware of and can adapt to this landscape. We work with people and for people to bring passion, experience and excellence to deliver these objectives across all consumer touch points.  

Whether the interactions are multi-channel or truly omnichannel, the key to going digital is to make incremental improvements in a gradual manner. Whether it is a small change to the website, or improving the navigation on the IVR or promoting & incentivising the usage of chat, every small change helps embrace digital. After all if digital adoption was all that easy, everyone would have been there, done that!  

Having worked in the Business Process Management industry for over 2 decades, we have leveraged our collective experience to bring CareXa, our customer management framework to help improve experience, generate more value and reduce total cost of ownership for contact centres.  


CareXa is a customer management framework that can be deployed in a modular way across all customer interactions, from acquisition to in-life management to retention/ win-back. We understand that no one size fits all and buyers should have the flexibility to choose solutions that best fits their problem statement. 

With an industry experience of over 2 decades, we bring together best practices and experience from several engagements combined with continuous innovation, actionable insights and analytics, best mix of people and processes. Together, these services will help enterprises navigate today’s increasingly digital landscape to increase revenue and ARPU, reduce operating expenses (OPEX) and churn, and increase brand advocacy.

We will own the business case and therefore partner with you to   
  • Consult and create a roadmap, and Deliver it using people, process & technology
  • Improve customer engagement: Increase Net Promoter Score by 15-20 points by growing increasing share of non-voice interactions.
  • Reduce costs: Lower your operating costs by at least 15-20%
  • Growth of non-voice interactions: Opportunity to increase digital adoption amongst consumers,improve satisfaction and reduce costs.
  • Revenue & Margin: Our practices increases opportunity to acquire new customers, cross-sell, and up-sell and retain more customers profitably.
  • Faster time to market with low cost of ownership: We will provide end-to-end customer management services including people, process and technology. Such an integrated offering that identifies the need (Consultancy services) and implements the same (IT services) will reduce the total ownership and operational cost.