Cloud Aggregation Platform (CAP)

The Cloud Brokerage & Aggregation Enablement market is estimated to grow from $225.42 million in 2013 to $2.03 billion by 2018, at a CAGR of 55.3%. The overall global Cloud Aggregation market is estimated to grow from $1.57 billion in 2013 to $10.5 billion by 2018. This represents a CAGR of 46.2%.

Cloud Brokerage and Cloud Aggregation provide enterprises and their customers a wider choice of cloud services from multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). However, such Cloud Brokers and Cloud Aggregators face challenges like:

  • Unavailability of a common service platform that can customize or aggregate the cloud services as per SMB or enterprise business requirements.
  • Unable to offer multiple cloud services (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS) on a single platform.
  • Unable to deliver new services faster as per changing market trends.
  • Underutilized capacity of existing infrastructure reduces ROI.
  • Unable to offer pay-per-use model for SMBs.
  • Excess time and resources spent on aggregating and managing services from multiple platforms.

Atom’s Cloud Aggregation Platform (CAP) is a common integrated platform designed for Cloud Brokers and Cloud Service Providers to deliver cloud services. It offers common reusable services, ISV onboarding, SSO, common marketplace, marketplace administration, web stores for sales executive, customer self-care, catalog management, order orchestration and accelerated exposure to a variety of services.

CAP provides end-to-end service lifecycle management and allows faster on-boarding of multiple services. CAP brings the following benefits:

  • It is a single automated platform to onboard and provision any type of service (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) from public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • It provides the ease of becoming a Cloud Broker by taking advantage of public cloud services, and with minimum investment.
  • Allows service providers to utilize existing infrastructure to sell more and more services.
  • Allows aggregators to use existing core services to deliver value added services that target business problems of SMBs, thereby increasing the SMB customer base.
  • It comes with readymade connectors for faster on-boarding of any type of services.
  • It offers pay-per-use model.


  • Cloud Brokers require minimum investment since they can easily use public cloud services.
  • Increases infrastructure utilization and hence increases ROI.
  • Allows faster onboarding and quicker go-to-market of services.
  • Increases the SMB customer base and increases revenue, since it offers services aimed at solving business issues on pay-per-use model.
  • Saves time and effort with Jeopardy Management feature.
  • It is an automated platform that helps to reduce the error rate for on-boarding and provisioning
  • Significant reduction in operational costs.

Atoom’s CAP (previously Cloud SDP) enabled automated on-boarding and provisioning of services, which helped a Cloud provider in Finland grow their business10 times within a couple of years. Our solution helped the customer accrue the following benefits:

  • 96% Reduction in onboarding time
  • 99% Reduction in service delivery time
  • 99% Reduction in errors
  • 95% Automation of provisioning & lifecycle mgmt.
  • 60% Reduction in operational costs

Connected Networks

Networks & Smartwork Connected!

The disparity of applications and their dependencies on network capabilities is only growing every day. At this scale of disparity, deployment of applications/service specific management tools is not practical. To add to this complexity along with the applications and services, the role of devices or equipment is also evolving. This involves additional integration touch points for the services management systems. Hybridization in deployed access networks (Wireless and Wireline), is leading to higher complexity in terms of disparate management systems. Systems require the capability to manage these growing instances of inter-dependencies or growth in demand for solutions or applications like M2M Communications based applications and increasing levels of home network automation.

Network Technology Solutions and Services is a key pillar of Atom’s. It offers complete Network Lifecycle solutions and services that enable telecom operators, equipment vendors and enterprises worldwide to meet their carrier class and enterprise class requirements. Networks build the base for cutting-edge services and superior customer experience. With service convergence, increasing volumes and decreasing revenues, there is a growing need for Network modernization and optimization to ensure operation and cost efficiency.

NTSS offers complete Network Lifecycle Solutions and Services that enable our clients worldwide to meet their carrier class and enterprise class service requirements. With 20+ years of industry experience, NTSS provides end-to-end technology consultation, professional services and managed services in various technologies, platforms and services.

NTSS employs best practices and Industry standards such as eTOM, ITIL and indigenously developed hybrid frameworks and platforms and our vendor agnostic, multi-technology capability is supported by flexible delivery models and quality measurement frameworks.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Global engagements with equipment vendors
  • Strategic alliance with operators
  • Investments in labs and tools
  • Prototypes and frameworks for automation and usability
  • Best in class resources with industry certifications
  • Flexible engagement and delivery models
  • NTSS roadmap in line with industry’s evolution

Our Connected Networks solution has helped telecom operators, equipment vendors and enterprises worldwide globally to effectively harness the potential of networks evolution. Our success stories include:

  • Video Services solution for Smart City in Middle East
  • RF Benchmarking for tier-1 Telco, India
  • Network Managed Services for a leading equipment vendor in China.
  • Rollout of Mediaroom 2.0 for leading telco, US
  • IN Platform design and integration for a tier-1 telco in UK
  • IPCC transformation and managed services for a leading Telco in Europe
  • Complete logistics solution for RMC (Ready mix concrete) supplying companies
  • Maintenance and support of AAA application for a tier-1 telco in UK

Content Delivery Network

Content & Collaboration….Connected!

Consumers are watching more video content than ever before on various devices like smartphones and tablets. In this scenario it is important that operators provide the end-users with uninterrupted, lag-free videos. One of the key components is to use a Content Delivery Networks (CDN) solution that reduces traffic in core network, reduces capital expenditure and provides you with a cost-efficient solution for on-the spur video content delivery. Trust our comprehensive, vendor neutral CDN service to provide that solution and reduce core network, international peering traffic by 10-25% and core network traffc by 50-60%.

Atom;s provides a variety of service offering in CDN space which are:

  • End-to-end CDN design, Consultancy and deployment
  • Multi-play video service offerings for managed and OTT video
  • Transparent caching of OTT traffic in Service providers network
  • CDN managed services for service providers including multi-tenancy
  • Performance testing and tuning of CDN for Service provider
  • OSS service assurance, BSS integration framework for CDN
  • Enterprise Content Delivery Networks

Presenting a turn- key Content Delivery Networks (CDN) solution for service providers and organisations . Some of the key differentiators are:

  • Expertise in complex multi domain SI projects, building federated CDNs
  • Global managed services investments and multidomain skilled resources
  • Rapid feasibility and prototyping using our Lab infrastructure
  • Opportunity to scale-up the existing platform for video
  • Co-innovation with customer on virtualized CDN under NFV and SDN strategy
  • CDN Innovation: Mobile CDNs (eNodeB Caching), Dynamic QoE in our lab environment

Atom’s offers an array of benefits in CDN space such as:

  • Reduced core network, WAN, international peering traffic
  • Ease of Launch of OTT services over multiple devices
  • For ONNET and OFFNET subscribers
  • Enable Wholesale and retail CDN offerings
  • Ready joint solution/certification lab for feasibility tests

Atom’s provided a Triple-Play CDN solution for a Mexican Operator. We helped in

  • CDN Consultancy, high level design and validation, network and system design
  • Cookie cutter solution template to integrate with their product stack
  • Rapid launch of services under 60 days for football service and 4 months from design to deployment of multimedia services
  • Derisked delivery with POCs, design validations, product claim validations, performance labs at a reduction in account opening process


A connected solutions for Enterprise Managed Services

Through the evolution of the enterprise IT and networks, enterprises have added new age services to the existing enterprise network management system, to meet their immediate needs. Although this approach has helped them meet their immediate requirements, it has led to management systems which are complex to manage and difficult to extend. This has led to many challenges, such as decelerated technology, complex management, vendor crowding and rising overhead.

Enterprises urgently need a solution to simplify these complexities and pave the way for a modular and flexible approach to continue subscribing outsourcing services from Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Atom’s mEMS (modular Enterprise Managed Services) solution addresses these needs of enterprises through a modular portfolio of managed enterprise services with a wide variety of offerings.

The innovative mEMS solution portfolio empowers the enterprise to pick and choose solutions, addressing their specific requirements through the entire services life-cycle. The key service offerings are:

  • Network Planning and Design
  • Network Build
  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Operations
  • Application Service Delivery
  • Service Provisioning and Activation
  • Unified Billing

The comprehensive and modular portfolio of services help the enterprise IT manager experience:

  • Freedom to pick and choose solution that matches the current business needs from the exhaustive set of customizable solution modules while allowing for future growth/expansion as needed.
  • Agility with Integrated vendor and tech support for faster implementation
  • Investment protection through completely vendor-agnostic integration with new and legacy infrastructure
  • Financial peace of mind and expense predictability with a pay-as-you go service model and multi-tenancy support, ensuring a low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Financial flexibility with zero-CapEx requirement to provision the services

Why Choose us?

  • In the Telecom sector, Atom’s has a niche and proven domain expertise, distinctive IT skills, research and development, innovative delivery models and approach to off-shoring.
  • We have successfully implemented more than 18 Greenfield Operations globally and have over 150 active customer engagements in the telecom sector.
  • Our achievements have been recognized by various industry analysts, forums and customers – winning several prestigious awards and accolades.
  • Atom’s capabilities are spread across a broad spectrum, including Business Support Systems (BSS), Operations Support Systems (OSS), Network Design & Engineering, Next Generation Networks, Mobility Solutions, Security Consultancy and Testing.
  • The solutions portfolio includes Consultancy, Application Development & Management, Network Services, Solution Integration, Product Engineering, Infrastructure Managed Services, and Remote Infrastructure Management.

Oracle Gold Build

Connecting Telecom projects with jet speed

Today Telcos are trying to find a balance between the new network technology deployment cost vis-a-vis OSS/BSS changes to accommodate and launch innovative products/services using new network technology.

Telecom operators and broadband service providers around the world use the Oracle stack , as it is a completely integrated end-to-end solution stack that provides best of breed operations for automated workflows for CRM, OSS, Mediation, Billing and Self-care. Telecom projects take about a year at the very least, from conception to rollout of new services. The telecom operators starting a new greenfield or a brownfield project have to essentially start from zero and deal with these challenges:

  • Demand to roll out services in weeks and not months
  • Insulate the B/OSS from network changes with the launch of innovative products
  • Need for a uniform stack with set processes enforcing best practices
  • Automated processes / workflows

And there are other intermediate processes involved before operators can start servicing customers and earning revenues. All these processes need to be accelerated and turnaround times slashed for them to remain competitive keeping opportunity costs low.

Prepackaged Service Excellence

Oracle Gold Build from Atom’s provides global best practices and ready-to-use workflows to speed up rollout of the Oracle platform for telecom operators and broadband service providers.

Oracle Gold Build is a reusable integrated solution for faster implementations for Telcos using Atom’s extensive knowledge base and expertise. It includes business processes, workflows, requirements, design, test automation, configuration and build.

Oracle Gold Build is an end-to-end offering and solution for speeding up rollout of new or existing services for Greenfield and brownfield projects alike.

Oracle Gold Build delivers a platform for functional, process and integration architecture patterns that cover :

  • Siebel CRM
  • Oracle BRM
  • Oracle OSM
  • Oracle ASAP
  • Oracle AIA

The key components of Oracle Gold Build are:

  • GSM Voice and Data Activation
  • End-to-end Wireless Broadband / 4G / LTE

The Atom’s Advantage

Oracle Gold Build has been developed by Atom’s, who is the global alliance partner for Oracle. It is based on over a decade of expertise in the telecom domain with multiple deployments around the world worth 50,000 person days of efforts.

This gives Oracle Gold Build the following unique advantages:

  • Platform independent solution offering with a product agnostic approach consisting of : – Information Model and System Design – 200+ Business Processes – 1000+ business requirementsOver 3000+ automated test cases spread across CRM, billing & OSS domains
  • Best Practices built over 12 greenfield rollouts, 11 transformational projects and 17 MS transitions
  • Bundled, easy, customizable knowledge repositories for faster deployments built in the industry standard IBM ALM Rational suite of Products
  • Tested and scripted configurations specific for telecom services
  • Customized and Out-of-the-Box solutions in Siebel, OBRM, AIA, OSM & ASAP
  • Flexibility for articulating project specific configurable Artifacts

Atom’s Oracle Gold Build is the Right Choice for Accelerated, Comprehensive & Standardized Solution Delivery inculcating:

  • Reduced project setup time by about 30%
  • Improved reusability with SDLC phase management by 30 to 40%
  • Globally implemented best practices with good rules of structuring
  • Telecom focused automated test services

Our success stories:

“A leading Telco operator in India, deployed Atom’s Gold Build for channelizing their sales force. Also, a leading Telco from Africa is rolling out 4GLTE services with the Oracle Gold Build Solution right from design to rollout of the new services. It helped to bring down the total cost of ownership and timeline by 20% as against the traditional approach. With upcoming releases of Oracle Gold build, the overall cost of ownership is expected to come down significantly (approx 40-50%).”

Network Performance Optimization

Wireless operators today look for Managed Services Providers who can be trusted with complete ownership of network performance and day-to-day operations. Network optimization is a major component of Managed Services.

So, Atom’s brings innovative IT enabled tools and services to deliver higher levels of efficiency and automation. This enables our customers to optimize operational spend and reduce cycle times for complex tasks related to Network Performance Optimization.


  • The heterogeneous nature of modern networks makes optimization a complex task
  • Problem in mapping of Network Performance with actual Customer Experience
  • Traditional RAN optimization techniques are labor intensive and OPEX heavy
  • Lack of correlation of performance issues across various network segments


Our solution enables operators to capture actual CE (Customer Experience); perform RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of performance issues, recommend and implement corrections in an automated manner. The solution comprises of the following components:

  • In-house developed CE probes
  • RAN & Core Network probes
  • SON solution – InteliSON from Reverb Networks
  • Network Analytics Suite


  • Over 300 man years of RAN optimization capabilities
  • A vendor-agnostic Self-Optimizing Network (SON) solution
  • An in-house developed, customizable Analytics platform to enhance SON capabilities
  • A trusted provider of IT services and solutions for automation and improvement of network operations

Connected Communications

Through a rich telecom heritage, we have always been at the forefront of innovations and excellent deliveries with targeted and focused solutions, guaranteed to propel communication service providers into next generations.

Leveraging our expertise over the complete telecom value chain, we are enabling the communications service providers change the rule of games with fast, efficient and future proof systems.

Atom’s has successfully implemented more than 18 Greenfield Operations globally and has over 150 active customer engagements in the Telecom sector. The company has been involved in about 9 transformation programs of incumbent telecom operators.