Business Advisory

1. Improve Business Operations: Chaos to Order

Our approach to improving performance of business operations is based on systems thinking as well as powerful methodologies such as Theory of Constraints, Lean, Six Sigma and Re-engineering principals. These have been successfully leveraged to tackle situations such as:

The hockey stick syndrome impairing the agility of the supply chain
Shortages and surpluses in inventories, existing simultaneously at multiple points of sale, resulting in lost sales and ageing
Revisiting the organizational operating model for better customer service

Business Context

  • Retail, distribution and logistics
  • Manufacturing, operations and Manufacture, Repair, Overhaul (MRO)
  • Services, back offices, shared services and government

Outcomes We Deliver

  • Better availability (typically 95 percent) while streamlining inventory
  • Delivery reliability (typically over 95 percent) as a competitive edge by way of improving On-time and in-full (OTIF) metric – 20 percent to 50 percent higher throughput
  • Enhancing productivity and unearthing cost saving opportunities

2. Execute Business Critical Projects: Complexity to Simplicity

The need for an alternate approach is reinforced by the fact that despite the many investments in project management techniques, only a minority of projects is completed as per the original schedule, budget and scope.

When a project in consideration is business critical, delays due to any reasons including force majeure endangers the business case based on which it was launched in the first place.

We provide an alternate approach to managing projects based on Critical Chain Project Management, which dramatically improves the chances of early or on-time completion. This has a significant impact on the project financials and eventually the company’s financials and competitive edge.

Business Context

  • Maintenance, Refurbishment, new Product Development
  • Large capital projects and capacity expansion project

Outcomes We Deliver

  • On schedule and ahead of schedule completion of project despite uncertainties – On an average we deliver at least 15 percent improvement on past best performance
  • On schedule completion of scope thus improving the project ROI – 15 percent to 20 percent ahead of time completion

Improve Business Operations

  • Breaking Away from Hockey Stick Syndrome
  • Inventory shortages and surpluses – where is the balance
  • Improve manufacturing operations by synchronizing sales, distribution, plants and supply

Execute Capital Projects On-time. Ahead of Time

  • CCPM Implementation – recognize the context
  • Multi-tasking – productivity enhancer or killer
  • Complete Turnarounds – faster, better, safer

Business Operations and Business Projects are two key areas where organizations’ Executive Leadership spends a substantial part of its mindshare, with good reason.

Our Business Value Enhancement (BVE) Consultancy team works alongside customer teams in two areas to achieve strategic business goals:

  • Improve profitability through operational excellence
  • Faster time to value by better execution of business critical projects

We choose to focus on these two areas because they are in a sweet spot – high impact outcomes can be accorded with faster time to value, relatively low risk and low investment compared to, other areas such as entering a new market or inorganic growth by acquisitions and mergers.

It is not unusual for our customers to start seeing results or a trend line towards the results in 60 to 90 days from commencement of implementation, depending on the nature of engagement. However, capitalizing on such opportunities requires focused planning and disciplined execution.

Our business solutions are outcome focused, not reports and recommendation oriented. The engagement model is based on co-creating value with customer teams, making the gains sustainable.

Improve Business Operations

  • Due date performance and supply chain effectiveness under Improve Business Operations
  • Business Process Reengineering for a GIS Services Company in US
  • Business Process Reengineering leading to breakthrough operations improvement – India-based Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer

Execute Capital Projects On-time. Ahead of Time

  • A Global cement manufacturer completes green-field integrated manufacturing plant ahead of schedule
  • A leading petroleum coke manufacturer improves plant availability by completing maintenance turnaround projects 25 percent ahead of schedule