Business Consultancy Services


In today’s knowledge era, businesses survive on their ability to implement the changes required to remain competitive amidst volatile economic conditions and rising customer demands. The effective diagnosis of organizational culture, structural and operational strengths and weaknesses are fundamental to any successful organizational development. It is imperative to examine opportunities and challenges from internal and external angles so that businesses can respond to them efficiently and in a timely fashion for achieving long-term success.

Our Consultancy Services deliver business transformational offerings to help your business transform with certainty and produce tangible benefits.

Key Offerings

Today, customer experience (CE) is a key differentiator in a commoditized telecom market. With the advent of mobile number portability, barriers such as a customer moving to a competitor for better quality and experience have reduced.

The challenge for organizations in managing customer experience lies in formulating and implementing a “customer focused” strategy. Our Customer Experience Enhancement (CXE) solution is a holistic solution that enables internal and external dissemination and continuous improvement of customer experience. The solution provides a complete and disciplined approach from strategy and implementation to improvement controls.

The solution includes the following:

CE Assessment

  • Identifies strategic goals
  • Identifies operational reality across customers, touch-points, processes, people and products
  • Assesses customer experience maturity

CE Measurement

  • Uses Measurement Framework
  • Maps business area
  • Monitors metrics
  • Helps hierarchical KPI identification and creation

CE Monitoring

  • Monitors activity charter
  • Uses interactive operational dashboards
  • Generates performance reports
  • Implements analytics

CE Improvement

  • Institutionalizes continuous improvement of CE using Lean Six Sigma approach
  • Performs root cause analysis
  • Implements improvements
  • Manages change and benefits


Value Proposition

  • Removes the impediments of No Measures, No Agreement and No Awareness
  • Makes the organization aware of current CE performance and where they aim to reach
  • Focuses the organization’s improvement efforts in areas which would provide the maximum leverage to CE improvement
  • Galvanizes the organization to deliver best-in-class customer experience

Business Operations Transformation

Operational expenses account for about 50 percent of the total company costs and are heavily influenced by the cost of systems, people and processes.

Our Business Operations Transformation offering helps to achieve cost reduction and business agility by implementing a standard business and IT architecture – aligned to a telecom company’s processes, systems and people.

The sub offerings of Business Operations Transformation are:

  • Business Transformation
  • Product Rationalization
  • System Rationalization
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Data Cleansing
  • Vendor Consolidation
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business Process Automation
  • Consultancy
  • Customer/Supplier e-bonding
  • Shared Services Set Up Feasibility and Strategy
  • Exception and Jeopardy Management
  • Inventory Cleansing
  • Change Management
  • Operating Model Re-engineering
  • System Transition Management

The discipline of business analysis has matured from the initial scope of just requirement gathering and process analysis to providing businesses with the latest trends in technology; like self-serve applications, real time analytics, Cloud and social media solutions. Our Business Analysis practice identifies business needs and determines the most innovative solutions to challenges faced by businesses.

An effective business process analysis will support an integrated vision of business and technology and will bridge the gap between business requirements and IT solutions. Our business analysts are experts in collaborating with customers on bringing out the best in technology so that business gets conducted in the most innovative and optimum way. Our team of business analysts are experts in end to end telecom domain, functional areas (like customer relationship management, billing, provisioning) and various frequently used commercially off the shelf (COTS) products, (Siebel and Oracle BRM to name a few).

Our business analysis offering capacitates both at project and strategic levels. At a project level, we assist in successful delivery of IT projects by focusing on requirement gathering & process designing as per industry best practices. At a strategic level, we are involved in analyzing latest business trends and conducting transformation programs for delivering future proof solutions suited to an organization’s business needs.

Value Proposition

  • Multi Skilled Professionals: Our business analysts have strong domain knowledge, proficiency in COTS products and industry frameworks (like ITIL, eTOM). We are experts in delivering business solutions (analytics, Cloud, social media, customer experience, operational excellence and business process re-engineering) along with project solutions (process design, requirement gathering and COTS implementation).
  • Business Analysis (BA) Repository: We leverage our repository of tools, templates and best practices for business analysis. This repository has been developed and enriched by multiple Consultancy and business analysis engagements in the industry and telecom domain in specific.Multiplier Effect: Ours is a practice group of 450+ professionals with 3000+ years of Consultancy experience across voice, data and video based telecom products for retail, wholesale and enterprise customers. Our business analysts have back end support of the organization’s experienced thought leadership through mentoring, knowledge sharing and proactive involvement in engagements for delivering better value to the customer.
  • Reduced demand uncertainty: On demand availability of trained and experienced business analysts with knowledge of business, technology and market trends.
  • Supplement Solution Design: Provides support for solution design by detecting scope, coverage and benefits associated with the solution

Business Analytics helps transform organizational data across silos into useful business insights and drive the business value by leveraging our business Consultancy capabilities.

Our Business Analytics solutions address two key objectives of a business: Cost Minimization and Revenue Maximization i.e. cost is reduced and revenue is enhanced. As a result, operational efficiency, customer experience, sales and marketing, customer care and strategic investments improve.

The Business Analytics offerings leverage 

  • Deep business domain knowledge that leverages the knowledge of:
    • Data sources
    • Correlation requirements to produce analytical insights to transform business processes
    • Revenue generation, impacting analytics channelization
  • Advanced analytics models that impact multiple organizational functions include:
    • Marketing
      • Customer Acquisition Analytics
      • Customer Satisfaction Improvement Analytics
      • Marketing Uplift and Campaign Response Analytics
      • Product Portfolio Optimization Analytics
      • Marketing Operations Analytics
      • Customer Lifetime Value Analytics
    • Sales
      • Media Mix Models
      • Price Elasticity Modeling
      • Target Clusters, Segments
      • Channel Partner/ Dealer Sales Analytics
    • Customer Care
      • Churn Prediction Analytics
      • Customer Service Improvement Analytics
      • Customer Experience Analytics
    • Network/Information
      • Predictive Maintenance Analytics
      • Network Optimization Analytics
      • Quality of Service (QoS) Analytics
    • Finance
      • Preventive Fraud Analytics
      • Credit and Exposure Analytics
      • Collections Analytics
    • Organizational Level
      • Operational Efficiency Improvement Analytics

Our Revenue Assurance offering is designed to help telecom companies in identifying and preventing revenue leakage and hence improving revenue generation. The offering also helps in improving efficiency at all points in the order-to-cash journey and enhancing cash flow by billing accurately on a timely basis, improving the effectiveness of cash collection processes, identifying system and process gaps, removing these gaps and reducing operating costs.

Approaches for Revenue Assurance:

  • Proactive Revenue Assurance
    • Implements controls and other measures in advance to prevent problems
    • Makes changes in processes and systems before leakage occurs
  •  Reactive Revenue Assurance
    • Detects revenue leakage after it occurs
    • Identifies and resolves the causes of revenue loss
    • Tries to recover the losses once leakage is detected
  • Active Revenue Assurance
    • Addresses problems as they occur
    • Initiates corrective responses prior to incurring any loss
    • Monitors the actual business processes in real time
    • Helps in correcting the leakage before it causes any damage

Our Approach

  • Provide the control and support necessary to achieve project success through a team of highly dedicated and qualified resources
  • Ease out the management of interdependencies, risks and issues through a focused enterprise view
  • Facilitate coordination and communication across multiple work streams and functional areas, enabling well-informed decision making

Value Proposition

  • End-to-end program control and management
  • High-impact value delivery to customers identifying and
  • mitigating business risks or dependency
  • Identifying and executing business benefit case for the program
  • Identifying and leveraging best practices across the program
  • Mitigating cross-project operational risk
  • Effective up-skilling and communication
  • Streamlining business-as-usual processes
  • Providing opportunity to standardize business processes
  • Addressing non-value-add activities and organizational restructure
  • Managing organization change requirements

There is an increasing need for program management to support and control roles in organizations. This is important to have an end-to-end visibility, mitigate risks or issues and control schedule, cost and budget variance.

Telecom companies typically have multiple programs running at any point of time. Among these programs, there are a few that are critical to fulfil the organization’s strategic objectives such as new product or service launches, system improvement, customer satisfaction improvement, revenue growth and cost reduction. Program management office has an important role to enable strategic decision making, manage organization change, strategic communications, program risks and dependencies.

Our social media consultants provide:

  • Strategy: Overarching Social Media and Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy. For example, how your organization could use Social Media in its various forms and based on your business realities; what is the most effective channel for social communication; what is the most effective customer segmentation strategy; how to engage with customers on social channels.
  • Tools: Tool choice advisory and direct access to world class automated social media analytics (SMA). Tools at each stage of Social Media‘s application through our SMA Partners
    Managed Service: Complete managed services for enhanced analytics and reporting from our SMA experts

Social Media is catching on in the industry. By integrating social media information into business functions that not only capture actual customer sentiments but also offer various touch points to improve customer interactions and experience, we have built comprehensive end-to-end expertise in Social Media Strategy and Analytics for managing business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

Business Improvement Diagnostics (BID) service helps a telecom company to study, analyze, prioritize and deep-dive into real business problems impacting the outcome of planned strategies and business goals. The BID service also provides decision-makers with solutions and executive capabilities for cost transformation (People – Process – System), process-based transformation and process assessment.

The BID service also helps to present an unbiased and realistic business view to the stakeholders. Further, it helps to highlight issues, concerns, problem areas, viewpoints, ideas and perspectives using proven probing and reasoning methods. Our BID service also provides a clear road map on initiatives and strategies that need to be undertaken for incremental improvement.

We have developed a full potential, business improvement diagnostics framework. This allows any company to perform a comprehensive review to quickly bring out the right issues that help improve profitability and business productivity.

Value Proposition

  • Present an unbiased and realistic business view to the stakeholders with professional Consultancy techniques
  • Bring out issues, concerns, pain areas, viewpoints, ideas and perspectives using proven probing and reasoning methods
  • Simplify the life of the key decision-makers through a compiled and logically stitched view of Root Cause-Symptom-Problem-Outcome-Solution
  • Align business and operational views with those of management
  • Provide a clear road map on initiatives and strategies that need to be undertaken for incremental improvement
  • Involve internal and external teams or functions for a common organizational objective
  • Bring in new perspectives to perceived problems and business challenges with out-of-the-box thought processes