Business Value Enhancement


Business Value Enhancement (BVE) Consultancy group helps customers build high performance business operations, make smart investments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) assets and enhance business value of ICT investments. Our core Consultancy service offerings help:

  • Improve business operations
  • Execute capital projects on time and ahead of time
  • Strategize ICT
  • Simplify ICT
  • Run IT as a Business
  • Set up Communications Enabled Business Transformation (CEBT)

We are a team of consultants focused on measurable business outcomes for our customers. We help our customers make smart investments in business process and ICT assets to resolve conflicting but required business objectives. We help them avoid “OR” and embrace “ AND”, such as low inventory AND high availability, strong ICT governance AND business agility, enterprise mobility enablement AND security etc.

  • We not only offer consultations but also collaborate with our customers to implement our recommendations to realize their business benefits.
  • We engage our best of breed consultants with work experience in the wider Mahindra group, for the task
  • We practice the Mahindra Rise tenets of Accepting No Limits, Alternative Thinking and Driving Positive Change in everything we do for our customers
  • To increase the business value from ICT investments, we help transform the ICT Build and Run operations and processes.
  • We help our customers launch new revenue streams while protecting and reinvigorating existing revenue streams.
  • We help improve RoNA / RoCE to reduce the levels of working capital required by business operations.
  • We help improve the planning, estimation and execution of large, complex business and ICT programs.

Our key differentiators are:

  • Value based pricing – significant part of our Consultancy fee is linked to the financial benefit we create
  • Business Outcome Focus – whether it is related to business operations or IT, we focus on business outcome
  • Over 15 years of business Consultancy history of the firm, with over 600 Consultancy engagements, for global fortune 1000 companies, across industries

Service Offerings