Operational Consultancy Services


In day-to-day business operations of organizations, streamlining and efficiency are as important as formulating business strategies and creating future road maps.

Our Consultancy team has wide exposure to day-to-day operational and other challenges that lead to inefficient and longer cycle time, re-work and wastage of spend.

Various problems and complexities arise in regular operational life cycles. This requires manual intervention and jeopardy resolution. Our wide experience help to resolve such issues and enabling processes, such as change management, product launches, bid services, ticket resolution, etc. have allowed us to provide value partnership to various customers in the IT domain.

Key Offerings

Operational Change Management

We help organizations to structure and implement change systematically. We provide consultation at each stage of a change management program. This approach produces measurable output that can be used to make decisions on rolling out the change successfully.

Our Expertise

  • Prepare organizations for change systematically
  • Roll out the change effectively
  • Ensure that people, process and systems are ready to consume the change and deliver peak performance after the change 


  • Change management plan
  • Communication plan and business impact analysis
  • Training needs assessment
  • Training preparation and delivery

Training Solutions

  • Training is a critical success factor in rolling out changes to ensure efficient and effective operations
  • Training delivery options include Instructor-led Training (ILT), e-Tutoring, e-Learning, Computer-based Training (CBT), Learning Management System (LMS); web hosted, content development and Help Authoring

Operational Deployment of Product Launches

We can help to systematically structure and effect the change. We can guide the program through each stage of Change Management and produce measurable output that can be used by organizations to make decisions to effect the change.

Major Challenges for Service Provider

  • Increasing competition from existing telecom companies
  • Moving to the next generation, converged products
  • Meeting customer expectations for efficient support and service
  • Optimizing cost

Our Expertise

  • We bring together process, systems, networks and solutions to build and deliver applications and products that are critical to the customer’s success
  • We focus on the complete cycle from requirement gathering, planning, to successful and predictable launches of the products
  • We provide efficient way of business process improvement on products and services to reduce the cycle time, while improving quality

Where We Can Help?

Our Service Design Capability helps the service providers to:

  • Analyze improvements to existing services
  • Plan for future product enhancements and product launches
  • Optimize cost through process and system automations
  • Reduce time to market using repeatable solutions

New Bids Services

New Bids Services (NBS) is a comprehensive solution which comprises all the tools required to orchestrate, configure, implement, run and monitor the services that are implemented for the new customers of the telecommunication organizations.

Where can we help?

We will help change the way the telecommunication organizations operate when on-boarding new customers, making them much more powerful, automated and flexible. The biggest USP of the NBS is the ability to provide an end-to-end life cycle support right from on-boarding to in-life support.

System Configuration Hub Services

Configuration Hub Services aims to help the telecommunication organizations to compete and succeed in today’s fast paced competitive markets by proving integrity of their products, processes, data and systems.

The Benefits

Telco Configuration Hub Services will provide telecommunication organizations to leverage flexible infrastructure and also gain operational efficiency.

  • Drive down operational costs
  • Remain operationally efficient
  • Maintain sustained growth in business
  • Respond efficiently to fluctuating customer demands and have rapid time to market
  • Technology and regulatory changes
  • Rise of “Customer life changing” services

Our expertise

We combine the 3 pillars of Telco Configuration Hub Services i.e. Consultancy, Managed Services and Business Process Outsourcing to create 2 different offerings:

  • Offering 1: Consultancy + Managed Services
  • Offering 2: Consultancy + Business Process Outsourcing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has brought a paradigm shift in the way Information Technology (IT) enables the Telecommunication business. Companies of all sizes are rushing to embrace the benefits of cloud computing.

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end cloud computing service:

Cloud Consultancy services for TSPs evaluating cloud adoption:

Our Cloud Adopter services is targeted at the telecom companies facing problems in business adaptability, cost efficiency and business collaboration and want to evaluate if adopting cloud technologies will solve the problems.

The Cloud Adopter helps to achieve the following:

  • Adaptive initiatives: New business initiatives are not obstructed by lengthy IT implementation or procurement cycles. This results in improved revenues.
  • Cost aligned to utilization: Cost of business applications and IT infrastructure, erratic or cyclic in nature, are aligned to their utilization. This results in cost efficiency.
  • IT focused on core business: Businesses can focus on the use of IT on core business processes. This helps to derive more value from IT spend resulting in cost efficiency.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Data centricity enhances collaboration between different business entities and functions, which results in improved return on investment (ROI) of business initiatives.

Cloud Consultancy services for TSPs evaluating launching cloud offering to their end customers:

The Cloud Provider service is targeted at the telecom companies, traditionally focused on voice and data business but now want to launch differentiated cloud services. These companies, however, are apprehensive about the challenges in capturing the fast growing cloud services market.

Cloud Provider helps to achieve the following:

  • New and improved revenue stream: Cloud business will help the telecom companies, to drive new revenue stream, away from the highly competitive voice and data market.
  • Customer stickiness: Cloud business will help improve the stickiness of telecom business, especially for the enterprise segment. The telecom companies will now offer much more than non-differentiating voice and data services.

Big Data

Big data Consultancy is targeted towards the Telecom Service Providers TSPs who are facing problems in gaining real-time insight from large volumes of data. The data may be structured or unstructured.

Our Big Data Consultancy service helps businesses to devise big data strategy and value accelerators using our Big Data Business Framework

Big Data application is coupled with business analytics to enhance the delivered business value in the following customer business areas:

  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social, Web or Mobile Analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Fraud and Risk Analytics