Information Technology Consulting Service


Today, we talk of a digitized future and end-to-end lifecycles to be digitized and driven by technology. To transform businesses, value chains and drive efficient organizations, optimization of underlying Information Technology (IT) is required.

Our professionals are trained across various areas to analyze and strategize across the entire IT structure, departments, systems and underlying technology, infrastructure and network. Our IT Consultancy services help organizations create efficient and optimized IT strategies, roadmaps and enterprise architectures thereby aligning business needs with IT needs and vice versa. We also help in strategic Consultancy, architectural and operational assessments, planning and strategizing.


Key Offerings

The Application Portfolio Optimization (APO) offering is designed to help telecom companies meet challenges and transform application portfolios to closely align to the business needs and respond quickly to business change.

Objectives of APO

  • Strategic alignment
    • Investing capital on those programs that fulfill or support business objectives and goals
    • Allocate ‘OPEX’ / ‘RUN’ budget on maintaining assets that are still relevant for the business
  • Managing risk
    • Identifying and assessing the risk factors impacting the investment
    • Integrating with the Enterprise Risk Management policies
  • Delivering optimal business value
    • Prioritizing and maintaining a balance between “Risk” and “Return” from investment and maximizing Information Technology (IT) value
    • Ensuring that cost and benefit estimates are accurate and periodically reviewed
  • Performance monitoring and management
    • Ensuring that IT-enabled investments are managed through their full economic life cycle so that value is optimized
    • Integrating planning, execution and realization phases in terms of governance and control

Rising operational costs due to increase in sub-contractors and vendors proliferation, along with a charge to “do more with less,” forces organizations to identify effective strategies to reduce spending. We understand that this is particularly true to telecom companies when it comes to sub-contractor and vendor management related operating expense (OPEX). We offer a strategic approach to resolve this problem. The solution helps on two counts:

  • To rationalize the sub-contractors in various enterprise accounts and thus optimize sub-contractor cost
  • To re-engineer the vendor management operating model and rationalize large number of vendors that telecom companies have. This re-engineering can be achieved by setting up a Atom’s primed vendor management function and our unique One Gate Process (OGP) for in-life contractor resource fulfillment

Key Drivers

  • High operating costs
  • High cycle time for procurement
  • High opportunity costs due to delayed procurements
  • Liquidity damage or penalties
  • Localized processes for procurement causing inefficiencies and high overhead

Business Benefits

  • IT services that align better with business priorities and objectives, enable an organization to achieve its strategic objectives efficiently
    Known and manageable IT costs, enable the organization better plan its finances
  • Increased business productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Financial savings from improved resource management and reduced rework
  • More effective change management, enable the organization to keep pace with change and drive business change to its advantage
  • Improved user and customer satisfaction with IT and improved end-customer perception and brand image

In the last decade of the 20th century, voice communication was a luxury enjoyed by a few elite business houses. But technology revolution has changed the scenario. Today, telecom players are offering voice, data, video and enterprise services to wide range of customers at affordable rates.

To provide uninterrupted high quality services, operators need to have strong network presence supported by robust Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Furthermore, nowadays, Fortune 500 companies are also delegating their IT-intensive business activities to service providers. This in turn has increased their dependencies on effective IT service management.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the best approach to implement IT service management (ITSM). The best-practice guidelines and architectures of ITIL ensure that IT processes are closely aligned to business processes and that IT delivers correct and appropriate business solutions. ITIL Advisory Services (IAS) Product offers a comprehensive repository of ITIL processes and procedures that help an organization to implement end to end, uniform and well-defined IT processes for better ITSM.

Offering Objectives

  • To define strategic business improvement priorities that would enable an organization to develop a business advantage in the market
  • To reduce the number of non-value-added activities in the IT processes to achieve significant reduction in the cost of failures and increase productivity, thereby helping organizations to improve competitive position in the market
  • To reduce the cycle time for various IT operational processes
  • To enhance customer experience by improving the services delivered to the customers
  • To establish a lean and continuous improvement culture within the operational community
  • To standardize IT operational processes across functional areas to achieve benefits across the organization

Lean IT Transformation

In current economic scenario, organizations are facing operational efficiency issues with large and complex Information Technology (IT) processes cutting across geographies and functional areas. These processes inherently have a significant number of non-value-added activities causing reduction in operational efficiency, high operating expense (OPEX), revenue leakage, customer dissatisfaction and high customer churn. These factors directly impact the revenues and profitability of the organization.

Our Lean IT Transformation offering can help organizations to transform into a lean organization by imbibing the lean culture into their IT operations. The offering enables organization to overcome the business challenges and develop a competitive advantage in a highly commoditized market.